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  • Answer: Paralysis spreads from the feet up until your lungs quit working and you basically sufficate.
  • Answer: One can get polio at any age if not previously vaccinated.
  • Answer: in your mouth
  • Answer: Type your answer here... Yes you can i did and now i have Post polio syndrome and i have no help from any department.What does a man do after he has worked his life away and lost everything to get help from a doctors.
  • Answer: Get an IPV shot.
  • Answer: Most of the people who get Polio are in areas of bad sanitation, have drunk or been near contaminated water, young pregnant women and those whose immune systems are already weakened by other medical conditions or diseases. Other ways you can pick up Polio include; travelling to places where Polio is currently endemic, living with someone who is infected with Polio, having your tonsils removed or working in a laboratory where live Poliovirus is kept.
  • Answer: you go to the doctor....simple
  • Answer: Polio is very close to being eradicated. Nigeria is one of the few places where there is a danger of contracting polio.

  • Answer: Polio paralyzes a part of your body, and if it isnot taken care of soon enough it can spread through your whole body. ):
  • Answer: Polio can be contracted by contact with a person infected with polio.
  • Answer: Yes, I have polio.
  • Answer: Polio short for Poliomyelitis. The cause for Polio is by infection with a member of the genus Enterovirus known as Poliovirus. There are vaccines to help prevent this virus.

    you also can be born with this disease.

How do you prevent polio?

  • You go eat a lemon

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