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Is swallowing gum dangerous?

  • Yes, slightly, because it can get stuck in your throut, and if it does it could kill you

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  • Answer: Yes, slightly, because it can get stuck in your throut, and if it does it could kill you
  • Answer: If you make just one wrong movement you might injure your neck orthroat. Hope that helped answer your question.
  • Answer: Yes, it can be caustic.
  • Answer: yes I totally did it yesterday!!
  • Answer: NO! unless its not yours...
  • Answer: Well your on a small little board sliding on ice racing. I wanted to do skeletan racing in the Olympics. So anyway yes skeletan is a dangrous sport. You must be very good to do it
  • Answer: You chew with your teeth and your salivary glands will eject saliva into your mouth and your tongue will push the food down your esophagus
  • Answer: Not in small amounts, on occasion
  • Answer: This is probably too late, but...Swallow the antidote. Otherwise usually milk or water. But it does depend on the poison, so read up on poisons.
  • Answer: The combination of mashed food substances and
    saliva is called a bolus. When it has been mixed well and
    contains sufficient moisture, it can be easily swallowed.
  • Answer: If you cannot stop swallowing it, and you feel you need to, then the only suggestion would be to stop chewing it.
  • Answer: omg! that happened to me today, so im gonna have a great answer for this.
    ok, so you swallow it and about 5 minutes later, you get a REALLY bad cramp.
    so what i recommend you do is, if youre in school you should talk to your teacher to go to the medical room and lay down. but, if your at home, you should eat something else to wear it down or just lay down and relax until you feel better. but, if after about an hour goes by and you still have a cramp, you might want to go to the clinic or see a doctor because you might need to go to emergancy. im serious, me and my friends were chewing gum at recess in a circle and were texting each other. and my friend was laughing so hard, she swallowed her gum and was rushed to emergency. im serious.

    RIP samantha bottomly. we will miss you, life wont be the same :(

    well yeah, hope that question and soap opera helped your question
  • Answer: Not unless the partner has an STD, in which case it can be caught through oral sex