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  • Answer: By using the muscle more. Post-exercise stretching and massage can help remove the buildup of lactic acid.
  • Answer: A clear odourless hygroscopic syrupy liquid, CH3CH(OH)COOH, with a sour taste; r.d. 1.206; m.p. 18°C; b.p. 122°C. It is prepared by the hydrolysis of ethanal cyanohydrin or the oxidation of propan-1,2-diol using dilute nitric acid. Lactic acid is manufactured by the fermentation of lactose (from milk) and used in the dyeing and tanning industries. It is an alpha hydroxy acid.

    Lactic acid is produced from pyruvic acid in active muscle tissue when oxygen is limited and subsequently removed for conversion to glucose by the liver. During strenuous exercise it may build up in the muscles, causing cramplike pains. It is also produced by fermentation in certain bacteria and is characteristic of sour milk. wooo did i help u all or am i too detailed?
  • Answer: Lactic acid can be produced naturally or syntheticly. it is produced by fermantation
  • Answer: grease and dish detergent
  • Answer: Carried away by blood and oxidized (converted to energy). The remaining percentage is converted into Glycogen and then used as energy.
  • Answer: When you exercise or do some strenuous activity involving your muscle cells, they will go into oxygen debt, meaning your body cannot deliver the oxygen at the rate you are using it at. This lack of oxygen means your muscle cells will start performing anaerobic respiration, instead of aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration causes ethanol and CO2 to form in plants and yeast, however, in Humans, it built a lactate (or lactic acid). This lactic acid will then later be broken down to CO2 and H2O when your body can repay the O2 debt.
  • Answer: Pyruvic acid is more reduced than lactic acid. This is because yruvic acid contains carboxylic acid and a ketone to oxaloacetate.
  • Answer: it lowers the PH of your blood plasma and slowly, but still faster then normal, kills off your blood cells
  • Answer: 60-90 seconds. its the atp-pc that lasts 10 seconds
  • Answer: lacti acid build up in your muscles when you are running and you are breathing but not takingin a ny oxygen therefore there is no chemical reaction with your glucose in yyour body and is given no energy. this means most people stop and breath because your body needs to take in oxygen.
  • Answer: Swimming, running, and basketball use the lactic acid system.
  • Answer: yes if you just finished exercising.
  • Answer: When you overuse your muscles, lactic acid will form underanaerobic respiration. Your muscles go into a back up mode ofproducing energy so you can continue to work them. The lactic acidwill cause a burning sensation. This way of producing energy is notvery efficient and you can not use it for a long time.

How and why does lactic acid get accumulated in body particularly legs and how to get rid of it?

  • junk foods and drinks that you consume. eat healthier and exercise often. run


    Lactic acid form is a metabolic change in the muscles when they are used more than usual. Drinking a glass of milk will help relieve the pain and help it dissipate.

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