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  • Answer: Rupture cell wall
  • Answer: umm it effects the body because you will always be hyper and active.
  • Answer: it slows down the electrical signals that tell your body to do something. so it will slow down the person hat is all i know
  • Answer: Symbol KCN?Because of the presence of the CN-, and the high reactivity of K+, it is in my option that it would be HIGHLY poisonous.I would not in any way suggest ingestion...but hey, if you can find someone who has survived it...ask them
  • Answer: if my studys are correct it takes about a 1/2 cup of cyanide.
  • Answer: A compound containing the cyanide ion (CN-) as: HCN,KCN, NaCN.
  • Answer: Cyanide is a controlled substance due to its poisonous nature. You can purchase it online, but the sale of cyanide is controlled and you will be required to provide certain information to the supplier.
  • Answer: If alcohol taken in large amount it affects all parts of body like extended alcohol can cause blood conditions like anemia or blood clotting, it also effects your brain, liver, lungs, heart and kidney.
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  • Answer: In leukemia the marrow is busy producing abnormal white cells and not enough red blood cells are produced resulting in anemia. Patients look pale, feel weak and tired. Reductions in number of healthy platelets cause patients to bruise and bleed easily. Leukemia cells are functionally abnormal, hence the body cannot fight infections and thus patients often get infections and fevers.

    Like all blood cells, leukemia cells travel throughout the body. Depending on the number of abnormal cells and where these cells collect, patients with leukemia may have a number of symptoms. In acute leukemia, symptoms appear and get worse quickly. People with this disease visit their doctor because they feel sick.
    In acute leukemia, the abnormal cells may collect in the brain or spinal cord (also called the central nervous system or CNS). The result may be headaches, vomiting, confusion, loss of muscle control and seizures. Leukemia cells also can collect in the testicles and cause swelling. Also, some patients develop swelling in the eyes or on the skin. Leukemia affects the digestive tract, kidneys, lungs or other parts of the body.

    Common symptoms seen in Leukemia are:

    • Tiredness and lethargy (as a result of anemia)

    • Pale complexion

    • Frequent, prolonged or severe infections (as a result of impaired white cell function)

    • Frequent bruising and bleeding (as a result of platelet deficiency)

    • Tiny red spots (called petechiae) under the skin

    • Swollen or bleeding gums

    • Sweating , especially at night

    • Bone or joint pain

    • Loss of appetite and/or weight

    • Swollen or tender lymph nodes, liver, or spleen

    Some of the symptoms mentioned above are quite common in everyday illnesses and do not necessarily indicate cancer. Nevertheless, it is wise to pay heed to these symptoms and seek advice from your doctor. If symptoms persist consult a specialist and get a full check up done. Early detection gives the best chance of cure.
  • Answer: saturated fat is a longterm fat broken down and used when you skip a meal and need energy on the flip side trans fat is a instant burst of energy.
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    In small doses, it keeps the body sharp; in large doses, it wears at the person.

    Ever hear of the Executive Monkey? Two monkeys are kept in two separate cages -- one monkey per cage. Both hear a bell. Only one monkey can turn off a following punishment, which both will experience. The one that can turn off the punishment (the executive) gets stress disorders; the other not.

How does cyanide affect the body?

  • I need help on finding out how cyanide effects the body

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  • Answer: I need help on finding out how cyanide effects the body
  • Answer: It does.
    By use of sulfurtransferases residing within the body: Rhodanese and 3 Mercapto pyruvate.

    Rhodanese cleaves a sulfur ion from a donor substrate (usually a thiol) to Cyanide which forms Thiocyanate. It can be then easily excreted into the urine.

    Mercaptopyruvate donates its own sulfur ion to Cyanide to form pyruvate and thiocyanate.
  • Answer: Cyanide can be easily purchased off the internet. However, this isa very dangerous substance they can easily kill human beings ifingested.
  • Answer: It is in apple pips and it tastes like almonds
  • Answer: Yes, most plants contain cyanic glucoside which the body will then break down into cyanide gas during digestion. Some of us have the ability to taste it, and in turn will spit it out, but not all of us do. To some, it has no taste, so there is no warning(for those who cant taste it) telling them not to eat it.
  • Answer: The Symbol for Cyanide is CN-

    The C is for Carbon, and the N for nitrogen.
  • Answer: Cyanides are fast-acting and can be lethal. Upon exposure, cyanidequickly enters the bloodstream. In small doses, cyanide in the bodycan be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and isexcreted in urine. In the body, cyanide in small amounts can alsocombine with another chemical to form vitamin B12, which helpsmaintain healthy nerve and red blood cells. However, in largedoses, the body cannot convert cyanide into thiocyanate. Largedoses of cyanide prevent cells from using oxygen, which causes celldeath. The heart, respiratory system and central nervous system aremost susceptible to cyanide poisoning.
  • Answer: are you crazy do you want to kill yourself dont be crazy enjoy life and chew on some gum like candy and just enjoy life never commit sucide
  • Answer: We can find it in Cigarettes.
  • Answer: This is a compound of hydrocyanic acid with a base and is distinguished from cyanide.This is a compound of hydrocyanic acid with a base and is distinguished from cyanide.
  • Answer: Cyanide forms an extremely tight bond with iron. It reacts with the iron in your red blood cells to a point that the cell can no longer carry oxygen, Therefore, you literally suffocate to death in a very short period of time.
  • Answer: Cyanide act as a inhibitor of ETC (electron tranport chain) which ultimately cause the inhibition of production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) i.e. why cyanide work as poison.
    Cyanide is a deadly poison because it disrupts the cellular respiration, quickly inhibiting the cytochrome C oxydase, an enzyme found in mitochondria - this phenomenon is very important for the oxygenation of the brain.

  • Answer: Cyanide is contained in several common foods. Some of those foodsare almonds, spinach, soy, and lima beans. There is no need forconcern, because it would be virtually impossible to eat asufficient quantity of these foods for toxicity to occur.
  • Answer: iw. yuck. no. erggh.
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