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  • Answer: Only if you drink it first.

    Otherwise the plumbing is just not set up that way. Bile is usually green but can be yellow and can he vomited up.
  • Answer: Watching twilight.
  • Answer: you only throw up yellow fluids from you stomach
  • Answer: No you can not die from that is something your body rejects to eatecause that is a food that your body can not take.
  • Answer: You need take you A** ST-8 to the ER ASAP PLEASE
  • Answer: Drink a 16 oz glass of water with about 3 table spoons of mustard. Stir it all up and drink all down in one setting. This only works when you have the urge to vomit and nothing is coming up. This will help bring it up in about 2 minutes after drinking it. So my best advice is that you drink this in the bathroom near the toilet. Cause when the vomit comes up you want to be near a toilet.
  • Answer: Call and ask your doctor, but usually the answer is to wait until the next dose is due and take it then.
  • Answer: Because their reflexes tell them so
  • Answer: during my last alien abduction I recall that during my anal probe I relunctantly farted and the smell was so bad that one of those stringy aliens with big eyes blew chunks all over the place. So yes Virgina every biologic has the ability to spew chunks when properly motivated.
  • Answer: Vomit is normally a light brown although that can vary according to what you have eaten. A dark green/ brown, especially after a lot of vomiting, can be bile. A dark brown that looks like wet coffee grounds suggests bleeding in the stomach and is a reason to seek immediate medical care.
  • Answer: Food in your stomach bubbles up. Or its just your face
  • Answer: the color of vomit depends on what you have eaten. if you ate redpringles (this happened to me) it will be an orangish color. If youate green beans or peas, it would look like a baby took a crap.Most of the time, vomit will look like a tanish color, but can alsolook brown. If not that color, it will take the food you ate. Thisquestion was so disgusting to answer.
  • Answer: it is made of stomach acid retard
  • Answer: If you vomit into your lungs you need to seek immediate medical attention. With vomit inside your lungs, the vomit acts as acid and starts to break down your lungs. This is the equivalent to drowning outside of water.

If every human threw up 10 cups of vomit how much vomit would be in the World?

  • Its called math. 10 times how ever many people are in the world. (10 x ? = A) GOOGLE IT!!!

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  • Answer: Its called math. 10 times how ever many people are in the world. (10 x ? = A) GOOGLE IT!!!
  • Answer: Did you eat kryptonite or a glow stick?
  • Answer: If you can still read this, I guess blood. Go see a doctor.
  • Answer: puke sounds more ladylike
  • Answer: Most Likely Yellow Fever the symptoms are:
    Symptoms of Yellow Fever (Pitta Jwara)
    There are several symptoms associated with pitta jwara. But the most prominent symptoms that are observed are as follows:-
    • High fever accompanied by chills
    • Recurrent muscle cramps and aches
    • Headaches
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Backache

    In some cases, the following additional symptoms are observed:-
    • Red tongue
    • Red eyes
    • Flushed face

  • Answer: Yes - the condition is known as non-productive emesis or dry heaves. The stomach diaphragm and esophagus spasm just like they do when the stomach is full, but nothing comes up.
  • Answer: If someone vomit could they keep vomiting and not stop...And die from it

    There are no cases reported of people dying directly from vomitting.
    However, if you vomit often and keep vomitting for longer periods (a day for example) you should drink water in between to stop you from dehydrating.
    Also, if you inhale the stuff that comes from your stomach it is very bad for your lungs and I assume you could die from that in several ways.
    If you are vomiting for extensive periods of time please consult a doctor.
    For more information search on Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.
  • Answer: Probably someones car, especially if it is a really expensive car. Cars will generallly be trickier to clean becaus of the tighter spaces. Carpets can be cleaned easily enough, but I would advise not to vomit in/on either.
  • Answer: you often puke when you feel ill and get fevers
  • Answer: Why would you ask this question, who would want to vomit on purpose, besides stick your hand really far in your mouth like peter did.YOU BELIMIC FOOL!!!!
  • Answer: Vomit looks like liquified food you ate.
  • Answer: Vomiting is the bodies natural reaction and defense mechanism to help reject something that will harm it. This is a typical reaction to eating such stuffs as un(der)cooked food and poisons.
  • Answer: try to eat somthing lite like tea, soup, water, water crackers, plain broth. Not some thing heavy like ice cream, chocolate well any thing that contains milk. You should be able to eat properly again in 3 - 6 days. You will be hungry after that.
  • Answer: when you have an upset tummy actually the precipitation turns to hail. the calculus binary proves that when you are quizzically looking at your blood you will puke.
  • Answer: They might if they can get sick easily