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Why is drowning so dangerous?

  • If you drown you die. Dying is bad.

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  • Answer: If you drown you die. Dying is bad.
  • Answer: Hopefully you would do the right thing and do your best to save them.
  • Answer: Let them know u r there to save them, then use a stick to pull them out.
  • Answer: Death by asphyxia by submersion in water.Types of drowning:
    • Wet drowning, water enters the lungs.
    • Dry drowning, your larynx closes so no air may enter the lungs.
    • Secondary drowning, a drop of water may enter the lungs, and up to 72hrs later you could die from a build up of liquid in the lungs.
    Asphyxia - a state in which the body becomes deprived of oxygen.
  • Answer: Looking at Mitt Romneys wife while under water will cause you to pass out and eventually drowned. Mitt Romney will not care , OBAMA will. #OBAMA2012
  • Answer: falls, swimming, watercraft, bathing
  • Answer: The fear of drowning is called aquaphobia.IT is called AquaPhobia . I have it.
  • Answer: Yes, aquaphobia is the fear of water and drowning
  • Answer: Secondary drowning can occur when even a small amount of sea watergets into the lungs. The salt draws water from the lung cells byosmosis. The water fills up the air spaces, therefore, effectivelydrowning the person.
  • Answer: Internal drowning is when u literally drown of your own bodily fluids.If u give a drunk perso water they can suffers this.
  • Answer: Drowning is death from asphyxia (deficient oxygen to the body) due to suffocation caused by a liquid entering the lungs preventing the absorption of oxygen. It leads to cerebral hypoxia (inadequate oxygen to the brain) and myocardial infarcation (lack of oxygen to the heart). If you mean the act of someone being drown it would be from:
    Not know how to swim + going in water
    One person is mad at another + water= easy death
    something is restraining a person from swiming up
  • Answer: It is painful
  • Answer: Assuming that a person did not die from drowning, there is not much in the way of aftereffects. Infection in the lungs is always possible, but is easily treated with a course of anitbiotics like Augmentin or Levaquin.
  • Answer: avoid swimminq this summer .
  • Answer: Always were a life jacket. Be with a buddy. Have safety equipment ready