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  • Answer: About 60% kids use tooth paste who have access to them
    About 10% use tooth powder.
    Remaining 30% living in rural areas do not have access to even basic amenities leave alone toothpaste. We can make their life better by sending ration and toothpaste to these children through rotary clubs.
  • Answer: The 14 tooth crank gear mated to the gearbox 59 tooth gear gives a ratio of 4.21:1 which is found by 59/14.Front sprocket 11 & rear sprocket 47 gives a ratio of 4.27:1 ie 47/11.Overall ratio is found by multiplying the two ratios together 4.21*4.27=17.97:1NOTE - The 14 & 59 tooth gears will be the primary gear reduction in a motorbike, this does not include the actual gearbox ratios which will need to be taken into account for the overall final ratio.
  • Answer: i am not sure but i think you shall take that root off too cz it might cause infection dear!
    and make sure you put a cream called somo gel after that cz it is gonna pain alot dear!...
  • Answer: If the baby tooth is just about to fall out, the situation will probably resolve itself naturally. If the baby tooth still seems to be firmly rooted, it is best to consult a dentist, because the baby tooth stop the adult tooth from coming through straight.
  • Answer: These resources will help you learn all you need to know about tooth pain.
  • Answer: Quran says more than that.
    a)Allah says: "Fight those who neither believe in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and do not embrace the religion of the truth, being among those who have been given the Book (Bible and the Torah), until they pay tribute out of hand and have been humiliated." (Surah 9:29)
    b)Allah says: "...O Prophet, urge the believers to fight (Surah 8:65)
    c)Followers of Islam have a mandate to fight until Islam is the only religion. This theme saturates the pages of the Koran.
    "Tell the unbelievers that if they abandon their ways He will forgive them what is past, but, if they return, that was indeed the way of their forefathers who have passed away. Fight them until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme." (Surah 8:39-40, compare Surah 2:132; Surah 3:19, 85; Surah 48:16, 28-29; Surah 61:9; Surah 110)

    ANSWER 2: To answer the specific question, NO, it is found in the Jewish Tanakh (old testament of the Bible).
  • Answer: no difference, just the name. Same syndrome / disease
  • Answer: hold caps and scroll then press scroller and click copy or cut
  • Answer: Online but you have to buy 20 metric tons...a bit much for the average consumer. Or you can travel to Iran or Kazakhstan where it is manufactured.
  • Answer: in shop oar mall................
  • Answer: No. Scriptures could not be cut then paste it must be copied or typed in a computer and print why not be cut because its a sacred part and must be guarded and make it safe and learn and if your too lazy well just photocopy it or something just pray after you do that because it may be a sin maybe only OK or if your talking about scriptures in the Internet then go to Microsoft word copy the scripture at that site by right click the copy the go back to Microsoft then go to word and right click then click paste then print for easy learning (go to site of scriptures, open Microsoft, copy the scripture by right click, go to Microsoft then paste right click then print or save)
  • Answer: It is also called copy and paste. It is a way of highlighting texton the Internet and placing it in another place. Copy and pastedoes not remove the text from the original source. It is sometimesused to copy a large amount of text from the original source andput the text on another site, which is plagairism. It can also beused to copy a word or phrase from a search to paste it in a searchbox, to move text from one place in Word and move it to anotherplace, etc.
  • Answer: used for pasting things on to other things :D

Why do they call tooth paste tooth paste?

  • It is called tooth paste because the paste is for cleaning you teeth for example it can protect your teeth from cavities or gum pain also can whiten you teeth with special tooth paste products and you brush it on to your teeth TOOTH-PASTE.

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