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  • Answer: it acts as an energy source for numerous organisms. since it is at the base of the food chain it is consumed by all sorts of animals.
  • Answer: Support the flowers.

    ^^^ Incorrect It is to Support the Leaves
  • Answer: sexual reproduction
  • Answer: Form gametes that may be involved in fertilization.
  • Answer: The carrot is actually a root. Its primary function is to absorb water and nutrients from the soil to benefit its attached plant at the surface.

  • Answer: The primary function of DNA in cells is to be able to reproduce itself.
  • Answer: To coagulate blood.
  • Answer:
    • The primary function of iron in a human body is to supply the blood flow with oxygen. Iron is a powerful oxygen absorber when suspended in a liquid such as blood.

    • Iron is essential to good health. Most iron in the body is contained in haemoglobin and myoglobin, the red pigments that carry oxygen. It also occurs as part of enzymes involved in energy production. A deficiency of iron results in anaemia, a lowering of haemoglobin concentration in the blood. The muscles and tissues are starved of vital oxygen, we feel tired and lethargic, and less inclined to exercise. Other more specific problems may include a sore tongue, cracks at the corner of the mouth, and nails that lack their usual pink flare. Heavy endurance training and bleeding (including menstrual bleeding) can increase the risk of iron deficiency and the need for iron therapy (increased iron intake by dietary adjustment and supplementation). Ten to fifteen percent of women between the ages of 13 and 45 lose more iron in menstrual bleeding than they acquire throughout the month from foods. Therefore, they probably require iron supplements to prevent iron deficiency.

  • Answer: The primary function of the colon is to absorb water.
  • Answer: The primary functions are
    a. Spermatogensis: to produce sperm, male gametes and reproductive cells.
    b. Secretion of hormone chiefly testosterone.
  • Answer: Primary banking functions:1.. accepting deposits
    2.. granting loans and advances
    advances like:

    1. Cash draft


    3. Discounting Bills

  • Answer: it stops blood from clotting. It can also be used as a blood thinner I think.
  • Answer: The primary function of the Pharmacy and Theraputics Committee(PTC) is to establish standards for therapeutics.
  • Answer: It fixes interruptions in the DNA.
  • Answer: There are a variety of primary functions of a debt lawyer. Some of these functions include the use of legal methods to help the companies to recover money that is owed to them.

What is the primary function of melanin?

  • Melanin is a pigment in the skin of animals (including humans). Melanin is essentially what allows the human body (the skin) to darken when sunlight (or, ultraviolet rays) hits it. The skin absorbs the UV rays and the melanin allows the skin to become darker.

    A simpler definition:

    Any of a group of naturally occurring dark pigments, especially the pigment found in skin, hair, fur, and feathers.

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