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  • Answer: Answer Escherichia coli (E. coli) is about 2 micrometers (μm) long and 0.5 μm in diameter, with a cell volume of between 0.6 and 0.7 μm3. In other words, crazy small! There are 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) micrometers in 1 meter.
  • Answer: People that eat meat that is undercooked or raw
  • Answer: E-coli is a naturally occurring bacteria. There is no "cause" of e-coli bacteria; however, mutant e-coli can be ingested through the diet by consuming under cooked meat or poor hygiene practices (handling meat, cows, etc.)
  • Answer: e coli infections usually goes away on its own. Treatment is focused on preventing dehydration by giving the patient plenty of liquids.
  • Answer: E. Coli is the name of a particular type of bacteria. You have E. Coli in your large intestine. Various strains of E. Coli exist. Some of them can make people sick. E. Coli in food can make people sick. Cows have a different type of E. Coli from people. Slaughterhouses can mix E. Coli from cows into hamburger. That has killed people. E. Coli from cattle pastures has washed into farms that grew crops for people. The E. Coli has gotten into food that people eat. In the Great Lakes region, E. Coli from raw sewage has gotten into drinking water. That has made people sick.
  • Answer: No. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a bacterial species. Bacteria differ from eukaryotes (such as animals, plants, and fungi) in that the chromosome is not surrounded by a membrane. In eukaryotes the nuclear membrane surrounds the DNA thus creating a compartment in the cell known as the nucleus.
  • Answer: It can be deadly. It is caused by fecal matter that gets ingested. One of my friends had it and she was sick for two weeks and her imunities were lowered significantly.
  • Answer: There are many types of E. coli. Some do express motility; which can be determined with the results of a MIO test.
  • Answer: E Coli is a disease-bearing organism which is highly resistant to heat and can only die when exposed to temperatures 72 degrees Celsius and above.
  • Answer: E. Coli does not reproduce by binary fission. It reproduces by conjugation, in which genetic material is exchanged between two cells. This process is not common in bacteria but some intestinal bacteria, E. coli for example, split by conjugation.
  • Answer: Negative
  • Answer: no, drink it by the gallon

    ~Dr. Fakler
  • Answer: It usually come from uncooked meats. You usually do not run a fever wiith it. Bloody stools are ommon.
  • Answer: Escherichia coli

Is E coli dangerous?

  • Yes. E coli is very dangerous. The reason that it is so dangerous is because it Messes up how your body digests food.

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