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  • Answer: Not necessarily as resiliency of the mind is also required to rebound from the onslaught of negative stress of normal daily life. Often times, we forget to deep breathe during times of stress which can adversely affect the physical well-being of our body. Therefore, good physical health fluctuates and can be enhanced by the resilience of a positive mind that does not dwell on the past but thinks good thoughts or sees the humor in the normal craziness of life and people.
  • Answer: Good health supports retention of cognitive ability, which enables greater social interaction.
  • Answer: Good health is important for many different reasons, such as a longer life. Obviously, if you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly you will be healthier. You can usually tell if your healthy or not. For example, look at your fingernails. Are they bitten and weak? Or strong and long? Look at your body. Are you overweight? Are you fit? Are you clean? But good health is important to live a long lasting life. You want to be alive to see the world in lets say, 30 years. So that means going to the dentist and doctor regularly, and having a good diet.
  • Answer: Many different people attend spas and since many spa treatments often require partial or full nudity, it is important for the surfaces of anything that is touched to be thoroughly cleansed. Many diseases can be spread through germs left behind just from contact with infected skin.

    In a place where so much contact is made with so much skin, the chance of body fluids being secreted onto these surfaces increase thus further increasing the chance of the spread of illness.
  • Answer: Mental and physical health is very much related.It is the mind that is giving signals to the body ...and it is the mind which controls the body.Both together make for wellness.When an illness attacks the body it is best to fight it with your mind first.
  • Answer: Fresh vegetables and fruits everyday low fat foods, then you will get all your nutrients and minerals everyday to maintain good health, otherwise your immune system will run low and you can get colds and viruses.
  • Answer: the most important factor for good health is to eat good balance diets always with further exercises.
  • Answer: Calcium, it helps strong bones and prevents diseases like osteoperosis. Most calcium can be found in milk products.Vitamins are also good, and can prevent sickness, and help repair wounds to the body. Vitamins can be found in a variety of foods, because there are many of them. Some foods include bread, fruits, and veggies.
  • Answer: It is important to ensure that whatever goes into your body is good for you in order to increase your lifetime and improve your health.Food hygiene also prevents stomach infections and body illnesses. It is also a way to fight other diseases that make the body weak. It provides the body with the necessary vitamins to keep the body strong and immune.
  • Answer: Hygene in hospitals is essential is it stops the spread of infection and unwanted bacteria passing from patients to staff and vise versa.
  • Answer: The improper care to ones body during puberty can lead to life treatening diseases and infections.And people will not want to be around you.
  • Answer: personal hygiene is important to preserve and promote a healthy life.
  • Answer: Person hygiene is important because it can help you keep yourself healthy. For example when you wash your hands your washing off germs that could harm you. Secondm taking a shower; taking a shower not only makes you smell good, but it also cleans out your pores! So persnol hygiene is important for alot of reasons.
  • Answer: hypothesis: maybe to protect the reproductive organs. maybe to be an healthy people. maybe to be an clean person.
  • Answer: Food hygeine is so important for your immediate and future health.

Why hygiene important for good physical health?

  • For maintaining good physical health, hygiene is of paramountimportance. Washing your hands before breakfast,lunch, dinner withsoap is utmost important so that there is no contamination of yourfood from the germs carried by your hands. Similarly, if garbagepiles up in your locality for days together, there is everypossibility of neighbour members becoming ill. Spitting in the roador committing nuisance are also health hazards from hygiene pointof view.

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