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  • Answer: human with penis
  • Answer: Huge, giant
  • Answer: exiguous, few and far between, imperceptible, inconsequential, inconsiderable, infrequent, insufficient, lean, less, meager, middling, minor, minority, minute, negligible, not many, not too many, occasional, paltry, petty, piddling, rare, scant, scanty, scarce, scarcely any, scattered, scattering, seldom, semioccasional, short, skimpy, slender, slight, slim, some, sparse, sporadic, stingy, straggling, thin, trifling, uncommon, unfrequent, widely spaced
  • Answer: Some other meanings for the word "then" are:

    As an adverb: next, after that, after, afterwards.

    As an adjective: former
  • Answer: LoVe!<333:)The word "set" has more than a hundred meanings. Look it up in the dictionary and find out yourself!You can say set as in like, "Set the alarm clock!" or "Set the table" anything like that has to set or do something phisically, is just 1 meaning.
  • Answer: Sol was the name of the mythical ancient Roman sun god.
  • Answer: I assume that you are talking about a life insurance policy or perhaps even a health insurance policy of some kind. The answer is the same either way. As all insurance companies are legal contracts the agreements are based on the conditions at the time the contracts were signed. The insurance company will not penalize anyone who starts smoking after the policy was issued. They will even reduce your rates and give you non-smoker rates if you quit smoking and can prove that you stay quit for a period of one year. The insurance company can provide testing to verify such. Both policies are the same as far as rates. Your price will not increase if you start smoking either.
  • Answer: an expanse of natural scenery that can be seen from the nakes eye.
  • Answer: According to wiktionary, it has meaning in many languages other than English. Good luck!
  • Answer: 1. coiled or twisted
    2. (of an argument or sentence) complex and difficult to understand
    3.highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious
  • Answer: look at it on
  • Answer: Febra is the Latin word for fever (shiver).
  • Answer: This seems to be a (common?) misspelling of the word emphathize. Many instances of the use of "emphatize" were found. This might lead you to think it is an actual word, but it seems that it is just a common word that is misspelled. To emphatize is to have empathy a stronger emotion of sympathy with someone else. You would feel how they feel possibly because you had a similar experience happen to you in your life.To feel or experience empathy: empathized with the striking miners.empa·thizer n.
  • Answer: Something that is not working properly, such as if your car breaks down. Also refers to bad behavior of a person that other people dislike, such as--> His behavior is dysfunctional.
  • Answer: Unfortunately there does not appear to be such a word. The two closest are "there" and "their"."There": At, in or that position or place. For example "He is over there"."Their": Relating to them or of them. Mostly used in terms of possession. For example "I really like their car".

What is another word or meaning of policy?

  • There is lots of answers to this but the meaning of Policy means a general plan of action.

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