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  • Answer: By waiting, or having it induced by a doctor or midwife.
  • Answer: you would be noticeable
  • Answer: If you are having cantrations and you water broke that means you are in labor and you sould get to the hospital. asap! Good Luck!
  • Answer: The most natural and easiest ways to induce labor are: Sexual intercourse which provides both prostaglandinin and cervical manipulation and low impact excercise like walking. Both can contribute to speeding up the natural process of labor. These are the safest methods that you can undertake yourself. The methods that hospitals use is a gel containing a hormone which is inserted into the birth canal, and a intravenous medication called pitocin.
  • Answer: A minimum-wage requirement
  • Answer: if you use a foot massages the next day you are most likely to go in to labor.
  • Answer: labour is when some one has a baby or its a party
  • Answer: There are many ways to help child labour. I think the Greenpeace website and the World vision website have things you can do to help. Some brands may endorse child labour, so it is always good to check. India has a lot of child labour and Africa does to. Child labour may be used to harvest the cocoa bean for chocolate and I think some brands have neither confirmed nor denied whether they get there cocoa beans from child slavery.
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  • Answer: Yes, a woman can go into labour at any time during her pregnancy. When it occurs determines what medical definition it gets. If you go into labour before 37 weeks it is called preterm labour. The infant born will then be called "prem" If labour occurs before 22 - 23 weeks it is called spontaneous abortion.
  • Answer: We have labour laws to facilitate and regulate rights and relationship between employer and worker and provide forums for hearing and remedies. Regards, Yaseen
  • Answer: An entity/person who has work to distribute that they get from their source
  • Answer: If the labor process has already started, it can help speed up labor. It is not likely that walking alone would start labor where it has not yet begun.
  • Answer: Not in my state.... I was an auto mechanic, and sales tax is only charged on parts.... not on the cost of labor or on gas and oil (the price on gas and oil already includes all applicable taxes)TW
  • Answer: Labor Relations is commonly described as the study and developmentof unionized workforce situations. This is a subarea of most humanresources management teams, and may include other concerns such aslabor laws, bargaining agreements, and more.

Did contract labor law of 1864 prohibit import of African labor?

  • yes, but it included others as well.

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