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  • Answer: how many people died from smoking, lung cancer or any other cancer relaited illnesses in 2007?
  • Answer: Yes passive smoking involves those in your surrounding to inhale certain toxic gases which in turn could harm more than "natural smoking"Smoking the cigarette you are getting the filtered smoke, but secondhand smoke you are getting the "sidestream" and "mainstream" smoke. this means you are breathing in what the smoker is exhaling out, and what is burning off the cigarette.40% of lung cancer patients who have died are second hand smokers. Done ;)
  • Answer: Florida law for smoking employees in a non-hat smoking workplaceenvironment dictates that there should be no smoking in enclosedspaces. This s aimed at protecting none smokers from unduehardship.Ê
  • Answer: We suggest that you collect all the information you can find about the ills of smoking, and ask the person to please read it. Explain that you are concerned about them, and that you wish they would stop. Whatever happens after that is up to them, not to you. The only person you can control is yourself. Other people will do as they wish.

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  • Answer: no it is not, there have been no studies that have found pot to cause cancer in fact there have actually been studies proving that THC can kill cancer
  • Answer: no its worse it can kill u and you never wont to be around some one who does becausr the chemical could kill u well it can be as bad
  • Answer: Yes secondhand or passive smoking is worse than smoking
  • Answer: Ten to twenty years of healthy life.
  • Answer: This kind of dualism is central to all gnosticism.

    Most who believe this also believe that the material world is nothing but evil, and all good is in the spiritual only.
  • Answer: Someone who is anti fun is someone that does not like having fun
  • Answer: against, or opposed to. Alternatively opposite, for example the Anti-Christ is the opposite of Christ.
  • Answer: An anticarcinogen is a substance that counteracts the effects of acarcinogenic. Essentially, it stops the forming of cancer in thehuman body.
  • Answer: Some biological service such as Anti-drug Antibodies Assay are areoffered by biotechnological companies now. It will give exactinstruction. If you want to know about Anti-drug Antibodies Assay ,you can contact at

When is the World Anti-smoking day?

  • The next World No Tobacco Day will be held on May 31, 2015. It isobserved every year on May 31st and has been since 1987.

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