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What jobs are available with a bachelor of arts degree in science and mathematics concentration in general science?

  • Maybe a secetart Science board.. Teacher.Im not that sure though

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  • Answer: The main difference between a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts degree is the way that they are accomplished. A bachelor of science degree is comprised of a major with a minor that is NOT related to your major. A bachelor of arts degree, however, is comprised of a major with at least two years of a foreign language. Status level, a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science are the same; most professions do not have a strong preference to one or the other.
  • Answer: The difference between the bachelor of science and the bachelor ofarts is that the science degree has more course requirements thatfocus on finance. The BA will require more general educationcourses.
  • Answer: Bachelor of arts is more theater and singing and instrumental and bachelor of science is biology and chemistry, and such.
  • Answer: A degree of any kind does not guarantee a job. This degree would berecognized as valuable in a wide variety of business andtechnological jobs.
  • Answer: With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics, one canland a government job as a Population Health specialist. One canalso work in clinics as a Clinical Informatics specialist, or aClinical Informatics analyst.
  • Answer: have no clue what the heck your talking about i am in fifth grade
  • Answer: you can start your ownbusiness or work in any organization as administration in any pharma
  • Answer: "There is no such thing as a BA in chemistry. All bachelors chemistry degrees should be BSc."
  • Answer: You could become a drug and alcohol counselor, a caseworker, director of social programs, head of a halfway house, work for schools as a counselor/educator, professor or teacher.
  • Answer: There are no absolutes, every college is different. The B.A.S. has become fairly common recently. Most often is is targeted at students who have a A.S. or A.A.S degree in a technical or applied area. It is often called an "inverted major" or inverted degree. Students have already completed all or most of a major in a 2-year college program. However, the general education requirements are much less. Students complete the panoply of traditional education requirements in the final two years. Common areas of study are engineering technology, information technology, management, health sciences, etc. The most simplistic answer is that persons holding a 2-year college degree designed to prepare the graduate for immediate employment complete the requirements for a 4 year degree. Thus, the inverted language. Much of the coursework taken during the first two years in the B.S. is in the final two years of the B.A.S., and conversely many major courses taken in the last two years of the B.S. were taken as part of the degree, the A.S., A.A.S. or the equivalent technical program. Details vary, but this is generally how the B.A.S. is structured at most American colleges and universities which offer it.
  • Answer: Yes, you might be able to work for apple or maybe even start your own company to make a big fortune.
  • Answer: Anwer      Whether a two year degree is classified as an Associate of Arts (AA), an Associates of Science (AS), or Associates of Applied Science (AAS), is dependent on how many general education courses are required to complete the degree.  If you look at the AA, you will find that the programs specific to many areas have a well rounded general education mix.  This is to ensure – for transfer purposes to a four year college or university – that they satisfy the four years institutions first two year general cluster area.  Now looking at the AS degree, you will find that there are less general education requirements and more career oriented courses required to complete the degree.  I guess one example would be an AS in Nursing (RN).  Here, the general education course requirements are less because of the professional phase courses that are needed to complete the degree. Thus, you can see that the AS degree is more specific to the career.  Now let’s look at the AAS degree.  Here the program of study is very particular to the career, with even less general education requirements needed to complete the degree.  In other words, the AAS is designed to give an individual all the expertise necessary to enter their chosen career – at least at an entry level position.   That being said; please note the following.      In regards to the above, please check with the Transfer Counselor at the two year college as to the transferability of the AS, and AAS degrees to four year colleges and university should you want to pursue a higher degree at a later date.  Many of the two year colleges have special articulations with the four year schools for many programs, to include those which fall into the AS and AAS categories.  
  • Answer: Associate of Applied Science degree prepares you to enter straight into a career field or pursue a four-year degree at a college or universityA.A - Associate of Arts degree is the credential you earn after completing 2 years of study. The presumption for an A.A is that you want to continue your education to a 4-year college.A.A.S - Associate of Applied Science degree that prepares you to enter straight into a career field or pursue a four-year degree at a college or university;
    A.A - Associate of Arts degree is the credential you earn after completing 2 years of study. The presumption for an A.A is that you want to continue your education to a 4-year college.