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  • Answer: A second degree burn is red with blisters. Third degree burns have a black charred appearance. Second degree burns are also more painful because they have highly damaged the nerves, however the nerves can still feel. Third degree burns have burned so deeply that the nerves no longer feel.
  • Answer: The University of South Carolina-Columbia offers a Sports and Entertainment program and you can specialize in event management
  • Answer: Australia has only two territories, and one of them is much further south than the other. This information should allow you to confirm, using a map, which one is intersected by the 20 deg south latitude line.
  • Answer: Engine will run cooler
    Perhaps be less fuel efficient if factory design requires a 195
    Interior heating will be cooler (thermostat will open sooner and therefore not produce as much heat).
  • Answer: The arts degree is more oriented toward research and the theoretical, where as the science degree is more practical and career oriented.
    Aslo generally you need to take more classes to get a B.S.
  • Answer: Anwer      Whether a two year degree is classified as an Associate of Arts (AA), an Associates of Science (AS), or Associates of Applied Science (AAS), is dependent on how many general education courses are required to complete the degree.  If you look at the AA, you will find that the programs specific to many areas have a well rounded general education mix.  This is to ensure – for transfer purposes to a four year college or university – that they satisfy the four years institutions first two year general cluster area.  Now looking at the AS degree, you will find that there are less general education requirements and more career oriented courses required to complete the degree.  I guess one example would be an AS in Nursing (RN).  Here, the general education course requirements are less because of the professional phase courses that are needed to complete the degree. Thus, you can see that the AS degree is more specific to the career.  Now let’s look at the AAS degree.  Here the program of study is very particular to the career, with even less general education requirements needed to complete the degree.  In other words, the AAS is designed to give an individual all the expertise necessary to enter their chosen career – at least at an entry level position.   That being said; please note the following.      In regards to the above, please check with the Transfer Counselor at the two year college as to the transferability of the AS, and AAS degrees to four year colleges and university should you want to pursue a higher degree at a later date.  Many of the two year colleges have special articulations with the four year schools for many programs, to include those which fall into the AS and AAS categories.  
  • Answer: Because the United States was afraid of the spread of Communism. The French lost a war that was fought to keep southeast Asia as a French colony. We fought a war to prevent the spread of communism. In the view of the U.S., the spread of communism would be a domino effect. North Vietnam (because the country was divided) was communist, and if they took over South Vietnam and spread communism, then other countries in the region would also fall to united communist powers until it was a powerful, anti-Western bloc. Therefore, South Vietnam had o be protected, since this spread had to be prevented at all costs. However, even though Vietnam did fall to communism, the domino effect never took place because the communist nations that were predicted to take over together would actually wind up fighting and threatening each other all the time.
  • Answer: No. This years Azalea Bowl game was not confusing at all. The winner was very clear and south east won the azale bowl championship 5 years straight in a row with the final score of 34-9. :)
  • Answer: the pacific ocean
  • Answer: Atlantic ocean
  • Answer: Indian ocean
  • Answer: The Indian ocean lies to the east of Africa.
  • Answer: Indian Ocean

What ocean is found 20 degree south and 60 degree east?

  • It is the Indian Ocean.

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