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  • Answer: 1.lack of education 2.location 3.racial 4.gender discrimination 5.economic shifts
  • Answer: Under weight, healthy weight, over weight, obese
  • Answer: japan can go suck a **** they all have lil nuts.....straiqht up homie skillet biscuit..
  • Answer: some very common results of bullying are suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem and even death.
  • Answer: the economic condition of the colonial countries like Russia and Britain drastically reduced and so the other countries which were under their control waged a war, they were known as the third world countries, and declared themselves independent. for example- in India,the economical condition of the Britishers became short after the two world wars. and so Indians got an opportunity to revolt against them and fight for their independence.
  • Answer: causes: unjust treaty of Versailles
    failure of league of nations
    aggressive nationalism of Germany,economic depression after ww1,
    rise of fascism in Italy,
    policy of appeasement, munich pact, Japanese imperialism
    consequences:extensive damage -brutalities of fascists and Nazis,atom bomb,destruction of many European cities
    division of Germany,arms race, decolonisation,cold war,technological progress,the UNO
  • Answer: ok soima take u back to school, when u use to lay your head on that desk and drewl,your such a fool, u should have got a education, now your in your moms basement masterbatin, ~deavan amos
  • Answer: Filter Results is anadware in fact sneaking into your PC without making you anyinform and warning. When you are aware of its existence, it is toolate, because it has made you in trouble.If you want to know more about it and removeit from your PC, there are two removal guides-manual removal andautomatic removal guides I hope youcan get help from it.
  • Answer: Spermatogenesis is the process of making more spermatozoa.
  • Answer: i have no clue to the answer to this question
  • Answer: A carcinogen is a chemical or other product that can cause cancer.There are many different cancers that can affect both humans andanimals. Different chemicals of this type cause different cancersto develop.
  • Answer: For many people a better life due to the fertile land which made productive agriculture, which increased the population and is one of the reasons why USA is a superpower today.

A controlled compares results from a control group with results from experimental groups?

  • controlled experiment

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