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  • Answer: Starting pay for an HVAC apprentice varies widely between statesbut averages between eight and thirteen dollars per hour. Anapprentice position also includes on the job training.
  • Answer: its kind of like on the job training you work while you go to school . . for example an ironworker has a 4 year apprentiship program so after the 4 years of school and working as an ironwrker you are then completed the apprentiship and you are now a journeyman not an apprentice anymore.
  • Answer: around $350.00 per month if he/she works at 4 or more hours per week.
  • Answer: How much an automotive mechanic earns in Australia depends on theirexperience and where they work. If you a good mechanic you can earnmore depending on where you are working and the terms of paymentagreed upon between the two parties.
  • Answer: There is definitely money to be made in this field. It is actually expected to grow within the next 10 years. To maximize your earning potential, get your degree in HR or Business. Also, take courses to be certified as an SPHR.
  • Answer: get a job or if youre lucky buy a lottery ticket
  • Answer: Anyone can earn money anywhere, anytime as long as they are willing to work harder than their competition.
  • Answer: You can earn by doing paper rounds, Car wash, window cleaning , shop assistant and doing small jobs for friends and relatives and neighbours
  • Answer: There are many ways to earn money. The most basic one is to get ajob. You can also earn money by starting a business.

    You can earn money by selling things, either your own items,something you make, or by getting a job as a salesperson. Or youcan earn money by providing a service such as babysitting, lawnmowing, snow shoveling, etc.

    Another way to earn money is to invest it.
  • Answer: work your butt off doing jobs for people like mowing lawns, walking dogs, picking up leaves, cleaning gutters, shoveling snow, washing cars, do the jobs that nobody else wants to do and target a rich neighborhood.
  • Answer: because sponsors will pay alot of money to have their names on a successful sports persons.
  • Answer: Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to make moneyonline. Lots of winning freelancers can earn an average of fiftycents to a dollar per word. Some are earning double that!
    Some other ways to earn online :

    1. Share content from a content distribution engine on yourFacebook page. Create a Facebook Page and increase followers eitherby organic traffic or earned traffic. Once you acquire substantialamount of users such as more than 50K then sign up at otherwebsites for earning by sharing article. Be sure not to send faketraffic otherwise your account will get banned.

    2. Sell public domain stuff such as books, ebooks or designs. Thereare many public domain resources available on the web and somecourses on selling public domain stuff is also available on thecoursers and edx. However make sure that check the copyright statusis it renewed or not. Also in which country you are allowed to sellthem.

    3.Start blog in some niche area and then post at least 10-12 postsper week. Once you get substantial users on your blog then startmonetizing it by displaying banner ads or affiliate links.
  • Answer: About $400 dollars an hour
  • Answer: Sixth graders can earn money by doing errands or small jobs for their neighbors, babysitting for short times, etc.

How much money should a 3rd year apprentice hairdresser in the UK earn?

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