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  • Answer: they both fall under the category "benzodiazepines" which is a category on most drug tests, but a lab can easily figure out what drug triggered the benzodiazepine reaction.
    most drug test will be testing for the ingredients of the benzodiazepines, not the drug it came from. a much more advance and expensive test would be required to determine if it came from xanax, koltipin or Valium because they are all benzodiazepines. This came from a doctor.
  • Answer: yes they do they are all in the BENZODIAZEPINES family
  • Answer: Yes. In order to be hired as an employee of INGDirect U.S. you have to partake in both a drug and a full background check.
  • Answer: If you do not have a prescription for the percocet then yes, it is bad. It will show up as opiates until it is sent to a lab for further more detailed testing, where it will them show up as percocet.
  • Answer: In an average urine test no it is not since it can be prescribed for various conditions. This is not to say however that they cannot test for it
  • Answer: Copaxone is not a medication that would be tested for on a standarddrug panel. Informing the examiner of your legal prescription willeliminate all concern.
  • Answer: Standard five-panel drug tests screen for cocaine, opiates, cannabinoids, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).
  • Answer: In most drug tests, they are looking for opiates, benzodiazapenes, amphetamines, THC (pot), and PCP.

    Singular does not fall into any of those drug categories, so it would not show up in a test. However, when taking a drug test, be sure to disclose all of your home medications to your doctor or employer or whomever is giving you the drug test in case it would come up in question.
  • Answer: The fact of the matter is any amount of alcohol not metabolized completely by the body will produce a positive for alcohol in a drug screen.
  • Answer: loratab is Hydrocodone and may not cause a positive result in a standard opiate drug test. Many opiate test look only for morphine. Hydrocodone breaks down into hydromorphone but many dt will detect loratab.
    Also hydrocodone its part of expanded tests like 12 panel (expanded test includes 5 basic drug classes plus combination of 3, 4,5, etc.. classes like Hydrocodone, Benzodiazepines, Ecstasy,etc..)
  • Answer: Yes you sign a paper giving the company the right to do it.

  • Answer: When a person is required to take a drug test, it is important thatthey pass the screening. Any amount of Suboxone will show up in aperson during a drug screening.
  • Answer: It will only show methadone because it requires its own specific test.
  • Answer: Any local laboratory or major hospital (but many mailed a specimen to another lab and test will cost allot) also you can order on-line a home drug test kit or you can look at any pharmacy for a urine home test kit.
  • Answer: They test to see if you are doing illegal drugs.
    So make sure you bring some clean pee with you in a bag.

Does Goldman Sachs use urine or hair for pre-employment drug screening?

  • urine only

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