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  • Answer: If you are near the ocean anywhere, get into the water, lightlybreak the poison ivy blisters with sand and let the ocean water getat it. This dries up poison ivy faster than any other treatment Iknow. This can get rid of poison ivy in just a day or two. othermeans include,applying tea tree oil or aloe vera.
    You can get rid of Poison Ivy rashes by immediately rinsing yourskin when the poison ivy strikes, rubbing the skin with somealcohol, or by taking an antihistamine.
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    Poison gas was used to blind the enemy on the other side . It is a very strong and dangerous chemical.

    Additional answer
    There are actually many different poison gases. The simplest is the element chlorine. But there are others which have different effects. But basically they all kill, not just blind.
  • Answer: ink is poisoning because of the things in the ingredients
  • Answer: Warfrain The same thing given people to thin their blood. Rat eats it, blood gets so thin it bleeds to death internally.
  • Answer: Answer:
    Any of various toxic gases , those used in chemical warfare to kill or incapacitate on inhalation or contact.
  • Answer: Tin can poisoning was from the lead (metal) that used to be used to seal tin cans. It is no longer used.
  • Answer: A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity. (Can come in Pills, Liquid, gas)
  • Answer: arsenic, cyanide, strychnine, nicotine
  • Answer: if u are around it or it bites u or if u touch it u can get poison and die
  • Answer: any substance that will bring death upon a person when taken internaly either by drinking or eating it.
  • Answer: Poison gas and blistered your skin and burned your eyes and that is the reason they wore gas masks
  • Answer: In World War 1, we begin to see the first use of poision gas use. The Germans used chlorine and mustard gas to clear trenches of the Allied forces.
  • Answer: It depends on what poison it is. Some snake poisons paralyze victims, but only small ones. Spider poison swells and jellyfish poison kills. Most of the poisonous animals in the world come from the sea.
    It is very toxic and the fastest is that it can kill you within minutes.
  • Answer: No, humans are not poisonious.

Is magma poison?

  • Magma often does contain sulfur compounds that are poisonous.

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