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  • Answer: tey come from china and shift it over to cali good quest though thanks
  • Answer: Go online to about a thousand different retailers, go to the mall, go to Goodwill.
  • Answer: It depends on what it is you are putting on. There are a few basic rules that will help you on your quest to clothe yourself.

    • Undergarments go on first, not last. There are some exceptions to this. If you have super powers, it is acceptable for your undergarments to go outside.
    • Undo any buttons, zippers, hooks, or latches your clothes may have before dressing. Make sure to refasten them after putting each item on.
    • Pants go on one leg at a time if you are standing. Sit down if you want to try putting on both legs at once.
    • Hats go on after pull over shirts.
    • Shoes go on after pants.
    • Tags go in the back
    • The part of the seam that is big and bulky goes on the inside
    • Socks go on before shoes
    • If wearing a t-shirt, make sure to put your head through the big hole up top. If you manage to get it through a sleeve, you may have a problem.

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  • Answer: because, if you but clothes you may walk around without people staring and running a way.
  • Answer: You can go to any store, get what you want, go to the cash register, have them ring it up (try on the clothes in the dressing room if you want) and then flip out the wallet and pay!!
  • Answer: Otherwise I/We Would be cold and very emabaressed :)
  • Answer: Um, I think it may mean Rhythm and Blues clothes - like rock and roll clothes. Hope this helps!
  • Answer: Earnable Fashion- Free! Free Clothes Online
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    the good will
    try email hacks per acount
    ok make 20 acounts with the email then you have to make another 20 so that the clothes update if u dont do this one it wont work. Make 20 with this when u have done log into your acount and hold down the hotkey ctrl r. note this is all done by ip. If u have seen this hack before and it didnt work thats beacuse they guy who made the other made a mistake his hack had a error codes and didnt have enough acounts which help the money transfer.

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  • Answer: about hafe of the cap. if small 3/4
  • Answer: what you do is go to google then type in the newsletter store and click on it then it will bring up icons and click on some of them and figure out how to click or type in the right address
  • Answer: Using Photoshop someone can change a photo a lot but they can notbring forth images the camera did not capture. The only way to makeclothes see thru would be to add a different body under them.
  • Answer: A lot of stores sell "YOLO" Shirts and jackets but i know that rue 21, tillys, and possibly wet seal, or kholes would have these clothes.
  • Answer: it means to not judge a lady about what they are wearing
  • Answer: Whatever gets you through the day - I mean it - you can see absolutely everything, from business suits to shorts and flipflops.
  • Answer: Wash them.

Can you use turpentine on clothes?

  • Turpentine is sometimes used to get paint out of clothes. It isoften dabbed on the stain with a sponge or towel, and then allowedto dry.

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