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  • Answer: I take celexa and drink wine and it seems to have no effect on me.
  • Answer: No, they cannot drink wine. It is illegal.
  • Answer: Yes, you can drink wine. You still need to double check the label tho.
  • Answer: It is not wrong to take wine or beer when you have HPV. Thepatients should however exercise restraint and not indulge in bingedrinking.
  • Answer: It would be best to avoid alcohol while taking penicillin. Pleasecall your doctor or pharmacist to get the best answer for yoursituation.
  • Answer: Wine is not drank from a cup which is 250ml (8.5 oz) but from awine glass which is only 100ml (3.5 oz). This contains on average10ml of alcohol or about 1 unit of alcohol.

    Alcohol is harmful to the body and so one to two glasses per day isconsidered moderate drinking. Drinking more than two units a daywill be harmful.

    Wine however and in particular red wine has been found to containseveral antioxidants, such as quercetin and resveratrol, which mayplay a part in helping to prevent heart disease and cancer. Howeverto avoid risk to health from alcohol women should drink no morethan three units a day while men should have a maximum of fourunits a day.

    Non Alcoholic wines have all these antioxidants without the harmfulalcohol.
  • Answer: Yes... That was one of the main drinks.
  • Answer: There is no explicate statement or corroboration that Jesus drank wine, but there are plenty of positive references about Jesus and Wine and also plenty of negative.

    Most people assume he did drink wine.

    For a more detailed discussion look at:
  • Answer: yes becuase its made out of grapes and vegans can eat or drink grapes
  • Answer: no what a stupid question of course not! unless the business was going down the pan and they needed money badly, but use your common sense
  • Answer: If your on any antiepileptics Tegretol keppra etc its advised that you avoid drinking or limit how much you drink as alcohol reduces the effectiveness of your medication.
  • Answer: No- alcohol is harmful to developing infants.
  • Answer: Sure. Moderately, as with any alcoholic beverage.

    The gall bladder stores bile produced by the liver, which is used to help digest fat. So you might want to skip the all-fried-seafood platter, or you may experience gastro-intestinal upset due to undigested fat moving into the intestines. You can continue to eat items with moderate quantities of fat as the liver continues to produce bile; it is merely not stored in the gall bladder for use in digesting large quantities of fat.
  • Answer: No he didnt.
  • Answer: There is no such measurement as a legal drink.-
    In the UK there are very strict requirments under the Sales of Goods Act and the Weights and Measures act.
    If you sell wine by the glass, you must display the quantity
    The quantities permitted are 125ml, 175ml or multiples of these. You can have a separate sign or table card, or else show this on the menu, wine list or price list.
    Glasses used for measuring wine must be crown stamped, and 125ml, 175ml or multiples of these sizes
    Four fluid ounce glasses still in use on the premises must not be used as they are illegal.
    Stamped wine glasses must be stored separately from any unstamped ones, which are used for bottles of wine and other drinks?

    If you sell wine by the carafe, your carafes must be crown stamped and in 250ml, 500ml, one litre or two litre sizes only any other measure used for selling wine is illegal.

You had a tooth pulled Monday so over 72 hours ago can you drink alcohol- wine- and drink through a straw yet?

  • I was told not to drink from a straw for 24 hours. You should be fine now.

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