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  • Answer: If your having insomnia, I think you take one tablespoon of honey. That seems to be the remedy I used when I got a sleepless night.
  • Answer: Natural law is described as a higher law derived naturallyfrom a universal understanding that certain choices made andactions taken by humans are right or wrong. Natural law is a systemof justice for all societies, regardless of their individualculture or customs. Thomas Hobbes described natural law as the wayin which a rational human who is seeking to survive and prosperwould act. Some people view it as divine law pursuant to theteachings of Thomas Acquinas . Natural law influenced thedevelopment of English common law and also the Declaration ofIndependence of the United States.

    Human rights are the rights and freedoms that all people areentitled to. They spring from the concept of natural rightswhich in turn, spring from natural law.

    Natural rights is a complicated topic with many facets and theconcept dates back at least to late Antiquity. Briefly,natural rights have been described as universal, inalienable rightsthat all people are entitled to regardless of political and legalinstitutions and beyond the authority of secular or religiousauthorities. Some people recognize no difference between naturalrights and human rights which include: life, liberty andproperty; freedom from oppression; self determination; religiousfreedom; equality; privacy.

    One school of thought holds that in the natural stateonly the strongest can benefit from their natural rights so peopleform a social contract ceding their natural rights to an authority(government) to protect them from abuse by the strongerindividuals.

    This is an interesting topic on which to do some reading.

    "A man [must] be willing, when others are so too, as far forth,as for peace, and defence of himself he shall think it necessary,to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so muchliberty against other men, as he would allow other men againsthimself." Thomas Hobbes
  • Answer: NGL is not liquefied natural gas, which is condensed natural gas that is compact and therefore convenient for overseas shipping.
  • Answer: Never without the real mother present.

    Anyone can "baptize" anyone with or without their permission or the permission of any relative (some churches baptize everyone not in their faith to their faith) - the question becomes so what:
    • Without the permission of a legal guardian it is a form of bullying
    • Without the permission of the baptized party is is similar to entering someone else into contract without their agreement
    • It has no standing in law - no baptism does
    • It does not influence the life of the baptized party

  • Answer: because my mother is beautiful
  • Answer: If you are a minor, tell a parent, teacher, or other trusted person so that they can decide how to handle the situation.

    If you are an adult, you should contact the parents and possibly authorities about any credible threats of harm or violence. Not reporting a serious threat of violence could have serious consequences.
  • Answer: yeah, some have the ability to just intimidate people. my friend once made my friend do something by pretending to thow her favorite pair of shoes out of the car window. :)
  • Answer: Sunday nights on tv 1 :) at 8.30 i think :) :)
  • Answer: singing is one of my major talents
  • Answer: No, you cannot pass Antiphospholipid syndrome to a surrogate motherwho is carrying your baby. You can pass it onto your unborn babythough.
  • Answer: You can sing, dance, make music and do any talent you have!!
  • Answer: they look for good posture a nice smile and face
    you also got to look good in clothes
    natural look [hardly any makeup, and if you are wearing lip gloss make sure it is clear]#2 answ: Mostly they look for TALENT

What makes more grammatical sense a Mother to Natural Talent or Mother of Natural Talent?

  • mother of natural talent

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