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What the F dude?

  • i didnt know she was your sister

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  • Answer: i didnt know she was your sister
  • Answer: Its basically saying that girls can do things just as good as boys can, and that boys arent better than girls. Jesse J i love you!
  • Answer: A man; a guy.
  • Answer: a guy/boy
  • Answer: I think by you asking this question proves that your a guy... let me enlighten you. YES- most guys are stupid.
  • Answer: Duke Kahanamoku was a world famous champion surfer.He was also an Olympic champion swimmer and an actor in adventure films.
  • Answer: Well depending on what sex you are and/or your sexual orientation, you could have sex, or play with each other.
    Also sports, and taking long hot showers after you are done playing so you can play with each other there too!
  • Answer: I believe this is a line from a movie. It made no sense there either.
  • Answer: In your garage
  • Answer: Justin bieber of couse he sounds like a girl
  • Answer: be yourself, you dont rly have to impress no body......... Just let it go, and talk with him about things you might have in common..... Dont ever give him too much complements, his the male, his the one whos suppose to give complements to you..... And like i said just be yourself and imagine that the guy is in front of you, and you just having a normal conversation with him.
  • Answer: your probably gonna die
  • Answer: TheDual Core Dude is a YouTuber and blogger who talks about technology. See the related link.

  • Answer: Yes he is.
  • Answer: yes alex is sooo crazy he even is hypo when he drinks a hypo drink.
    He is not scared of spiders but is scared of fairy floss and fairies and fruits and his foot.