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  • Answer: alike, identical, similar
  • Answer: it is a latin word meaning for this.
  • Answer: Sol was the name of the mythical ancient Roman sun god.
  • Answer: "Your" is an adjective of or relating to yourself or yourselves especially as possessor or possessors.
  • Answer: exiguous, few and far between, imperceptible, inconsequential, inconsiderable, infrequent, insufficient, lean, less, meager, middling, minor, minority, minute, negligible, not many, not too many, occasional, paltry, petty, piddling, rare, scant, scanty, scarce, scarcely any, scattered, scattering, seldom, semioccasional, short, skimpy, slender, slight, slim, some, sparse, sporadic, stingy, straggling, thin, trifling, uncommon, unfrequent, widely spaced
  • Answer: Expand or variegate.
  • Answer: Culture is that which is excellent in the arts, manners etc.
  • Answer: This seems to be a (common?) misspelling of the word emphathize. Many instances of the use of "emphatize" were found. This might lead you to think it is an actual word, but it seems that it is just a common word that is misspelled. To emphatize is to have empathy a stronger emotion of sympathy with someone else. You would feel how they feel possibly because you had a similar experience happen to you in your life.To feel or experience empathy: empathized with the striking miners.empa·thizer n.
  • Answer: Febra is the Latin word for fever (shiver).
  • Answer: Sanskrit: The one who takes the higher path; ascending
    Irish origin: red-haired
    Another thing, Rohan is a very nice Mmorg game like Warcraft but its for free. In my opinion, its a very nice and exciting game.
    Hey, My name is Rohan
    So, it means cool, smart, athelic and other cool things.
    But really it means mountains

    A River in Paradise
  • Answer: attending , participating, entering
  • Answer: The definition of motorboat is any kind of boat with a motor that runs it. It is usually any type of boat that is available as long as it has a motor. For example, a car is not a boat so it is not a motorboat.
  • Answer: Like...a synonym? Main Entry:goodPart of Speech:adjectiveDefinition:pleasant, fineSynonyms:acceptable, ace*, admirable, agreeable, bad,boss*, bully, capital, choice, commendable,congenial, crack*, deluxe, excellent, exceptional,favorable, first-class, first-rate, gnarly,gratifying, great, honorable, marvelous, neat*,nice, pleasing, positive, precious, prime, rad,recherché, reputable, satisfactory, satisfying,select, shipshape, sound, spanking, splendid,sterling, stupendous, super, super-eminent,super-excellent, superb, superior, tip-top, up tosnuff, valuable, welcome, wonderful, worthyNotes:using good as an adverb in place of well ("shedances real good," "he did good") is nonstandardusage - so, it would be best to say "she dancesvery well," "he did well"
    well is an adverb to describe an activity; good is an adjective to describe a condition or stateAntonyms:bad, detestable, disagreeable, unpleasant* = informal/non-formal usage
    Main Entry:goodPart of Speech:adjectiveDefinition:moral, virtuousSynonyms:admirable, blameless, charitable, dutiful,estimable, ethical, exemplary, guiltless, honest,honorable, incorrupt, inculpable, innocent,irreprehensible, irreproachable, lily-white,obedient, praiseworthy, pure, reputable,respectable, right, righteous, sound, tractable,uncorrupted, untainted, upright, well-behaved,worthyAntonyms:evil, immoral, noxious, sinful, unvirtuous, vile,Main Entry:goodPart of Speech:adjectiveDefinition:competent, skilledSynonyms:able, accomplished, adept, adroit, au fait,capable, clever, dexterous, efficient, expert,first-rate, proficient, proper, qualified, reliable,satisfactory, serviceable, skillful, suitable, suited,talented, thorough, trustworthy, usefulAntonyms:incompetent, unskilled, unsuitableMain Entry:goodPart of Speech:adjectiveDefinition:useful, adequateSynonyms:acceptable, advantageous, all right, ample,appropriate, approving, apt, auspicious,becoming, benefic, beneficial, benignant, brave,commendatory, commending, common,conformable, congruous, convenient, decent,desirable, favorable, favoring, fit, fitting, fruitful,healthful, healthy, helpful, hygienic, meet,needed, opportune, profitable, proper, propitious,respectable, right, salubrious, salutary,satisfying, seemly, serviceable, suitable,tolerable, toward, unobjectionable, wholesomeAntonyms:inadequate, rotten, unsuitable...
  • Answer:  Rules dictated by Law and Society that give emancipation to an individual from social restraints.

  • Answer: The Latin word abutor is equivalent to the English words "toabuse".

A word meaning the same as working against?

  • opposing

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