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  • Answer: As long as the home has been inspected and you have a termite bondthere should not be a problem. The exterminator should take care ofany "live" infestation and will inspect the house for structuralintegrity.
  • Answer: I think it is cause It has haunted houses , even haunted Hotels!~
  • Answer: This can depend on the background of the individual. When I was 14, I was curious about magic mushrooms and decided to eat them to find out what happens. They were fresh and legal in the UK at the time. I had these extremely powerful feelings surround me. I was not scared at all. It was like the things I knew and loved so much easily fitted in with the rest of the world around me. My imagination expanded and I enjoyed speaking to people more.

    6 months later, I did some self tests and discovered that my AQ had decreased from 24 to 15. I still believe myself to have autistic traits, but I am no longer afraid of any consequences. This helped me to realise one important goal in life: survival of oneself and protection of the spirit that holds the body together. I had taken a huge step in life and could not return to my past self.
  • Answer: Yes but the most haunted one is linda vista hospital. Me and my buddies went there to see my friend because he works there and we heard like a little girl saying "leave or die" and believe it or not but it really was a voice.
  • Answer: Haunted History ended on 2001-08-11.
  • Answer: yes :) it is Borley Rectory
  • Answer: Yes. Yes it is.
  • Answer: Yess :DD LOLjk. Why would it be ?? o.- ..??
  • Answer: rote 66 is the most hanted place in illinois
  • Answer: Haunted History was created on 1998-10-26.
  • Answer: yes it is over 1oo thoushand died at spectrum health on butterworth sometimes if u go into silent rooms u can hear them speaking
  • Answer: On this frightful night of 9th September 2009 (09/09/09), all around the world the anniversary of one of the most popular attractions of the Disney parks is being celebrated: The Haunted Mansion, which first opened its creaking doors in 1969.

How old you do you have to go to pope haunted house?

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