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    One. The Sopwith Camel got that name because of a slight hump behind the engine cowl that acted as a fairing over a portion of the 2 machine guns.
  • Answer: Most people think Camel-toes (pants that are too tight around the crutch) are in poor taste but worth laughing at a person for.
  • Answer: Pushkar is the fair of camel trade.
  • Answer: Too much...
  • Answer: I think that would be figure skating.
  • Answer: One hundred and forty-two years ago
  • Answer: Camel polo most likely originated in the Middle East, due to the European influence, and the abundance of camels.
  • Answer: Dear Sir/Ma,

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    4. Age: One Year, One Day
    5. Leasing Price: 5.0% of Face Value plus (0.5+X)% commission feesto brokers.
    6. Delivery: Bank to Bank SWIFT.
    7. Payment: MT-103.
    8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

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  • Answer: We do study DC Analysis first before AC Analysis for the sake of simplicity, for pedagogic reasons, and also for historic reasons. As useful and as easy to understand as DC is, it serves as a preparatory ladder in studying the more complex behavior of AC. In addition, it is to respect the historical sequence of events since DC sources were first discovered before the AC sources.
  • Answer: Camel hair, I believe.Answer: Cashmere
    This site tells you of some problems with fabrics made with camel hair, a must read site if you want real camel hair fabrics:When CCMI was founded in 1984 the issue which was foremost on the minds of the then weavers of cashmere, camel hair and blend fabrics in the US was the mislabeling of garments purporting to contain high percentages of cashmere or camel hair fabric.

  • Answer: There are only 4 other F-1 Camels left in the world today. In addition, there are 3 Navy Type Camels designated 2F-1. All of these are permanently in museums in various stages of originality. Even the Army, Navy, Air Force and Smithsonian museums do not have a "real" Camel! They have only replicas.

What is Camel Analysis?

  • camelis an animal

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