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  • Answer: she had cancer
  • Answer: A horse, but given the weight of armour worn by mounted men at arms it was likely to need to be a robust, powerful horse.
  • Answer: 1billion years of age...well if you go by dog age
  • Answer: Meta Knight is basically a blue Kirby with white eyes without his mask. When his mask is on it has a yellow tint so it makes his eyes appear yellow. He also wears a navy blue cape and purple shoes and has a shiny golden sword.
    SHINY!You can see Meta Knight without his mask in Kirby Super Star Ultra in a level that is like a tournament if you defeat him his mask falls and after a few seconds he leaves hope this helped.He also reveals his identity if Kirby squeak squad, when you defeat him in the watery area in the boss stage, it falls off and he panics and leaves, so look quick!
  • Answer: Being a knight around 600 years ago meant a number of different things. A Knight owed his loyalty to the local lord but he usually received land because of that. Knights existed because lords needed to get protection from other lords and other kingdoms that were imposing upon them. knights have been romanticized by Hollywood in recent years. The truth is that most Knights were only one step above a peasants and usually died in battle fighting a never ending war of power struggle between lords, kings or clergy.
  • Answer:
    • the page - When 7
    • the squire - when 14
    • the knight - when 21

  • Answer: he was a knight who challenged king arthers knights
  • Answer: sir elton john
  • Answer: UK actor Tommy Knight is 24 years old (birthdate: January 22, 1993).
  • Answer: died Oct. 12, 1914, Framingham, Mass.
  • Answer: In the Crusades, the Knights Templar were a group of warrior monks who were charged with protecting the Holy Mound and the Temple of Solomon (wherefore they got their name). Soon, however, since they were considered "The Poor Knights of Christ" (i.e. social status was not needed to join and become a knight among them), their numbers and influence grew, until the King of France decided to cut them off. There are many legends about the Templars, however, none of them has been historically proven.
  • Answer: A Knight is not ranked in the nobility in the sense of being a Duke, Marquette, Earl, Viscount or Baron - though they may hold those ranks. But if one is "just" a Knight, they are addressed as "Sir".

    Their wives would be addressed as "Lady" or "Dame".

    The sister has no associated status, but could be called "Lady" or "Dame" for reasons of prudence, depending upon the historical era.
  • Answer: A holy knight is a form of paladin, which you get from Generation 2. You achieve holy knight from Spirit of Order ranks 5-2. You are a Paladin from F-A, White Knight from 9-6, and a champion at rank 1.
  • Answer: The Dark Knight was a huge critical and commercial success, so manypeople were looking forward to it.
  • Answer: Tommy Knight was born on January 22, 1993.

What were the 2 stages before becoming a knight?

  • sleep fdrfygik

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