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  • Answer: Your first step should be to see a psychiatrist. If you are unsure as to how to find a psychiatrist, I suggest seeing a social worker. There is a link to a resource for finding social workers in your area under the Related Links section.
  • Answer: Generally it is Christians and Buddhists who seek out converts, and none of the other main religions (Judaism, Hinduism, Islam.)
  • Answer: A sport can be defined as "any activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and undertaken competitively."
    On this basis, if hide and seek is played competitively, it is, by definition, a sport! It involves physical exhertion and skill and is governed by a set of rules.
  • Answer: then dont seek for it until you find it
  • Answer: Kate Henshaw maybe I dont know!
  • Answer: one person is the finder and the rest are hiders the tigger counts to 30 then yells ready or not here i come and the first person to be found is the next tigger
  • Answer: Probably the Cave Man!
  • Answer: New employment can be sought out because the employee wants a newchallenge or needs a new gig because they were downsized. Otherreasons include shorter commute and more money.
  • Answer: Seeking advice for improving communication can be done with thehelp of a health care professional and with the assistance found ingroup therapy. Another place to seek assistance for an individuallooking for self help may be any place books can be found on thesubject.
  • Answer: A parent or guardian

    A support group

    A close family friend
  • Answer: The way you play hide-and-seek is while one person is in a room all the other people run and hide. The person the is looking for the other kids counts to 10 or 15 or 20. Then when you are done counting you look for the other kids! While you look for them you are going to have to have........ FUN!!!!you count to 30,then your freinds go and hide.when you are finished counting, go look for them.
  • Answer: No matter how big your group of people is, one person counts and covers their eyes. The rest of the people hide somewhere. When the one person counts to ten, he/she looks for everyone. If he/she gives up... they just say, " I give up!"
  • Answer: Axl went to regression therapy. I believe it is when you talk and discover about your past. Axl found out that his biological father had raped him, as well as his two sibling, when he was 2 years old. Axl went to this therapy because of his bipolar disease.
  • Answer: tell you about JESUS

Who said thou shalt not seek a foot to seek a foe?

  • Lady Montague

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