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  • Answer: penicillin
  • Answer: i do belive there is a cure for it is hope its some help x
  • Answer: There is no panacea or cure all. Although penicillin had a detrimental effect of disease and sickness when it was first introduced. i find prayer is wonderful.
  • Answer: Yes radiation can cure certain disease.
  • Answer: Do you mean Albright Syndrome? It is a genetic disorder, so there is no cure. However surgery and some medications can alleviate symptoms.
  • Answer: No, the bacteria cycles every 60 to 90 days and once you have it you have to diligently floss and brush to keep your perio controlled. It is also communicable. You can pass the bacteria to your partner from kissing. You can give your partner periodontal disease.
  • Answer: No you cannot it isperminate for you whole in tire life
  • Answer: Antibiotics. Anyway if you have the lyme disease go to a doctor right away.
  • Answer: Many medical authors recommend treating all Lyme disease patients with 30 days of intravenous Rocephin. However, intravenous antibiotics may offer no advantage over less expensive pills (1). For many years I have been criticized for treating my Lyme disease patients who have muscle and joint pain and fatigue with 100 mg of minocycline or doxycycline twice a day for several months. You may need intravenous Rocephin for nerve damage if you have headaches, passing out, visual hearing or sensory disturbances or blood factors for Lyme disease in the spinal fluid.
    After a tick bite, you may develop a large red spot, followed a few days later by a red ring around the spot, and the spots may disappear by themselves, or you may develop no spot at all. Several days or weeks later you may feel sick and think that you have the flu. Most authorities agree that taking doxycycline for 21 days will cure you. However, you may feel better with no treatment. Then many months later, you can develop symptoms such as joint or muscles pain or nerve damage. At this stage, you will probably require treatment with doxycycline for many months or even years (2), even if you take the intravenous Rocephin treatment.
    Editors of the New England Journal of Medicine announced early release of studies showing that three months of antibiotics are not effective in curing people who have had Lyme disease and still suffer from muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating and many other vague and sundry signs and symptoms (3).
    These studies show that there is no dependable way to define chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. The authors did not treat Lyme disease, they treated a large group of people who suffered from what doctors call fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. They treated 79 people with positive blood tests for Lyme disease and 51 who did not have positive blood test for Lyme disease. They showed that treating people with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia for three months with antibiotics will not cure them.
    Three months is not long enough to treat a person with reactive arthritis from any source. However, before a doctor is allowed to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia or Lyme disease, he must rule out other diseases that can cause the same symptoms. There is little question that patients with hepatitis C can be treated successfully with interferon injections and that people with reactive arthritis can be treated successfully with antibiotics. However, people who have terrible fatigue and muscle and joint pain often cannot be cured by antibiotics.
  • Answer: which disease are you talking about as cervical cancer now has a half cure
  • Answer: According to Cancer Research UK, "there is no evidence to show that graviola works as a cure for cancer" and consequently they do not support its use as a treatment for cancer. Likewise, the Federal Trade Commission in the United States determined that there was "no credible scientific evidence" that the extract of soursop sold by Bioque Technologies "can prevent, cure, or treat cancer of any kind."

    But, studies can be found online that show guavano (guyabano) does have medicinal value for disease. Some of the diseases are diabetes, inflammation, and cancer. Claims of curing diabetes by regulating blood sugar can be found, as can studies that show benefits for treatment of many types of cancer.
    Studies on the effectiveness of guavano have mainly been done in the laboratory; few, if any, have been done on humans.
  • Answer: Bacteria will cure in the sense mean that- they produces certainreactions with body which is effective and cure certain diseasesbut if that reaction continues then it will harm the cell and thatwill create an issue for the diseases.
  • Answer: No, but it can cause guilt, regret, and a very serious condition: depression.
  • Answer: PROBIOTICS (BLIS K12), ANTIBIOTICS, SUPER BUG... Antibiotics has its place to treat illness caused by bacteria. Antibiotics not only kills the bad bacteria but also good bacteria in our body. More than 70% of bacteria in our body is good or beneficial bacteria that we need to survive. For every human cell, we have 10 bacteria, so we are more bacteria than human so to speak. Unfortunately antibiotics is over-prescribed by the doctors, and guess what- we are seeing superbug that is increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

    Probiotics are good bacteria that help to replenish the good bacteria

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