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Who gave you your name- your father or mother?

  • Most likely your mother because she makes most choices for and about you.

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  • Answer: Most likely your mother because she makes most choices for and about you.
  • Answer: No,there will be no harm or problem to the child or mother whenboth are having B Positive Blood group.
  • Answer: Never without the real mother present.

    Anyone can "baptize" anyone with or without their permission or the permission of any relative (some churches baptize everyone not in their faith to their faith) - the question becomes so what:
    • Without the permission of a legal guardian it is a form of bullying
    • Without the permission of the baptized party is is similar to entering someone else into contract without their agreement
    • It has no standing in law - no baptism does
    • It does not influence the life of the baptized party

  • Answer: If she is unhappy maybe
  • Answer: Possible, but highly unlikely. The most likely date of conception, if the baby was born around the due date, then the conception was probably within the first week of December. However, to be sure you want to take a paternity test. You can find out about them online, just search around. A simpler method is looking for similarities between suspected father and the child, although this is not a suggested measure. So, if you and the girl had sex in the first week of December, or at the very end (as in, the last couple of days) of November.
  • Answer: The mother is female and the father is male and they are not the same type of sex

  • Answer: Your dog sitter
  • Answer: Mitochondrial DNA comes solely from the mother. Mom contributesmore than dad.
  • Answer: No. In the ABO blood type system, a parent with the blood type O and a parent with the blood type B can not have a child with the blood type AB. A person with blood type O has no A or B antigens on the surface of their red blood cells. A person with blood type B has a B antigen on the surface on their red blood cells. Neither parent has the gene to code for antigen A so the child of both parents would not be able to have a blood type involving the A antigen, such as blood types A or AB.A father with O blood type is likely not the father of an AB child (+ or -) with a B- mother.

    But blood tests for paternity are not 100% certain. In addition, people often mis remember their blood type.

    The best paternity test is a DNA test.
  • Answer: Bloodline or genetic heredity is inherited from both parents.
  • Answer: Cells genes DNA etc
  • Answer: The God of the Bible created everything that is. He is not a Mom or Dad. He is God.
    (Genesis 1:1 In the begining God created the heavens and the earth.)
  • Answer: Your Father has the choice on who he classes as his N.O.K but usually it is his wife.

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    A person can execute a form that designates a next-of-kin in the case of a medical incapacity. Your father may not have chosen his next-of-kin since you are asking the question. Since you have asked about your father then it is assumed you are the surviving child and there is no surviving spouse. If there was no written designation, in most jurisdictions you would be the next-of-kin not your grandmother.
  • Answer: No, not always. There are single moms and even single dads looking after their kids. Other kids may have two dads or two moms on their family. Some kids may have two dads AND two moms, especially if their biological parents filed for a divorce and married someone else. Kids can also have foster mom and dads, or grandparents or aunts and uncles as their only source of family. Not every kid in the world is able to have a mom and a dad in their family.
  • Answer: what happen to them??my parents are like that too... hope they can patch up too but i also hope they divorce they kept quarrel day and night...