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Which fundamental right prOhibits forced labor and also child labor?

  • cultural and educational right

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  • Answer: Strange as it may sound, some were involved in the manufacture of products like the V-2 rocket, the counterfitting of US and English money and art objects. Most however were involved in manual of the most popular jobs at work camps was working in the toilets. sure it smelled a bit but you were always in doors and away from the German patrols
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  • Answer: yes, but it included others as well.
  • Answer: Labor organization is important in management because it develops asense of work ethic in employees. Making sure that employees arefully engaged in their work is essential for retaining them.
  • Answer: Only if they work that day. There are no paid holidays except those employers decide to offer. There is no requirement for premium pay - double time or otherwise - on holidays.
    A tiny fraction of US employers are unionized and NEGOTIATED some holiday pay arrangements.
  • Answer: There are many ways to help child labour. I think the Greenpeace website and the World vision website have things you can do to help. Some brands may endorse child labour, so it is always good to check. India has a lot of child labour and Africa does to. Child labour may be used to harvest the cocoa bean for chocolate and I think some brands have neither confirmed nor denied whether they get there cocoa beans from child slavery.
    Hope this helps
  • Answer: Yes there is a huge difference between child labour and child work. Child labour is when a child has no other choice but to work. To either provide for themselves or their family or pay off their parentsdebt. Child work is when they are not forced to work but at their own will. For instance to earn some extra cash or work experience.
  • Answer: Congress included child labor restrictions in the FAir LAbor Standards ACt in 1935.
  • Answer: The Federal one states you cannot be employed on a part or full time basis until the age of 14. At that age you can work under 20 or so hours on the weekend. This stays until the age of 16, at which you can work part or full time, meaning up to the 40 hour federal workweek. 18 years of age gains you employment to most places and there are no restrictions on how much you can work.
    For more Child Labor Law Limit, visit
    they sell Labor Law Posters with regulations of child labor law in various states. Most states have mandatory notices they must post regarding child labor.
  • Answer: Im coming for you devin sessler!
  • Answer: Sorry, but your question is irrelevant. Child labour is till perfectly legal here in the UK.
  • Answer: Child labour started when population increased. as a result the wants/demands of people are also to accomplish the rising wants child labour is rising too.