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How does science affect technology science?

  • because scientists envented technology

    Advances in science contribute to advance in technology

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  • Answer: because scientists envented technology

    Advances in science contribute to advance in technology
  • Answer: Definitely science and technology influences decision making not only in administrative establishments but also in society. For example science and technological developments influences the community in career selection ,the way we live, our habits and entertainment and every thing. This continuous research and improvements in science are a must for betterment of society.
  • Answer: Science, considering it would take many chemicals, or scientific experiments to do this.
  • Answer:
    1. Science discovers previously unknown natural phenomena.
    2. Engineering invents and improves technologies based on knownnatural phenomena.
    In other words science expands the number of known naturalphenomena from which engineering can invent and improvetechnologies.
  • Answer: Technology has a huge role in science most of our discoveries were because we have such great technology to assist us in reaching our goals.
  • Answer: Science invented technology.....
    technology such as computers are produced in factories....
    factories are causes of Air Pollution...
    Air Pollution Damages Earth..
  • Answer: Technology allows science to progress. Technology allows scientiststo perform research. Everything around you that was created by manis technology.
    Better technology allows scientists to perform wilder and moreprecise experiments. Then, the results from those experiments oftenallow for better technology to be made.
    In other words improvements in technology gives science bettertools with which to discover previously unknown natural phenomenaand to better quantify and understand already known naturalphenomena.
  • Answer: Science and Technology makes life easier and comfortable.
    it improves communication using high technology gadgets

  • Answer: It can affect in many way,
    physically the society become more comfortable but may prone to many diseases due to unhealthy living habit such as sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time.
    mentally the society become more educated and more connected but may become less social due to lack of meeting together face to face.
    ....there are many more side effect so one should know how to self-control by not relying too much on technology and science for it is not the main criteria of living.
  • Answer: science affects society in many ways it can benefit or make the society to devastate
    as in when the nuclear or atom bomb were invented they were not was not meant to harm the society but during the world war 2 cities known as hiroshima and nagasaki were totally destroyed so science should be accompanied with humanity because if science without humanity is useless the biggest example is global warming ,the automobiles were meant to make travelling easy not to harm the environment so science does affect the society but it depends on us that if we take it in a positive way or in a way to devastation of the society
  • Answer: Technology and Science have to be looked at individually.
    Technology, when though of, is what man has created ("tech" means craft). Technology can govern what is said about art or applied sciences. Technology affects our society because technology is all around us. It is what allows us to advance forward through our eras. Primitive technology could be considered hammers made by Neanderthals.

    Science is very different from technology. Science is not what we can create, but is more focused on our world and how it functions. Learning how a bird flies is science, but mimicking a bird through aviation would be technology. Science is about gathering knowledge through a systematic perspective and creating theories and laws to prove what we have learned. Science IS our world, and that is how it affects the world.

    Science and technology are just words created by humans and therefore humans decided what is technology and what is science.
  • Answer: scientist that study science and technology invent machine that destroy our ecosystem
  • Answer: Science and technology affects our daily life today because it helps us know things and it also helps us understand things around us. Science and technology are interreleted. Science deals with understanding while technology deals with doing. Science helps us to know how to do something more efficiently.
  • Answer: Do you own home work lol. At least learn to correctly phrase a question.

    But if you ask a complex question with no understanding of the question then I shall give you a simply complex answer.

    Your ability to ask this question and get an answer is both a positive and negative result of technology.

    You will not really learn anything because your being handed the anwser, yet this is such a powerful tool and enables you to connect with people in ways never before conceived by the masses of days gone by.

    Technology & Science is in the end a tool and its how we use that tool that makes it inherently good and bad.

    Well Looks like I gave you more of an answer then I wanted to. Be sure to include the bit about you not actually thinking up any of this by your self as a negative affect on society when your teacher asks your to raise your hand.
    --edit and as to properly phrasing your question. You should have said. "What is the Positive and Negative affect of Science and Technology (then you should have said what the affect was on.) ex On Society, on the world, on the planet....etc