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  • Answer: Some other meanings for the word "then" are:

    As an adverb: next, after that, after, afterwards.

    As an adjective: former
  • Answer: it is a latin word meaning for this.
  • Answer: LoVe!<333:)The word "set" has more than a hundred meanings. Look it up in the dictionary and find out yourself!You can say set as in like, "Set the alarm clock!" or "Set the table" anything like that has to set or do something phisically, is just 1 meaning.
  • Answer: Huge, giant
  • Answer: Sol was the name of the mythical ancient Roman sun god.
  • Answer: Not able to do something! =)
  • Answer: a hublot is a sportsmen who doesnt train or practise and stil turns up to sporting events and wins.
  • Answer: A River in Paradise
  • Answer: While the words "must" and "obligated" are similar in meaning, that are not exactly the same. Both words can be used to suggest that an outcome is compelled. Such as, "The President must lead the people" and "The President is obligated to lead the people". But, as this example demonstrates, there is a subtle difference in what these two words imply. The word "must" suggests strongly that there are no other options. An outcome that "must" occur is mandated by the scenario. However, an outcome that is "obligated" is compelled, but may not occur. While the President is "obligated" to lead the people, he or she may choose not to do so. The obligation may exist as a result of external duty or expectation, but this does not necessarily dictate the outcome. So, a proper use of "must" would include the statement, "We must swim to the other side of the river to survive!" (Implying this is the only course of action.) Whereas, a proper use of "obligated" would include, "While I am obligated to inform the authorities, I have not yet contacted them." (This acknowledges the external duty to take action, while not necessarily indicating that there is only one course of action to take, or that any action will be taken.)
  • Answer: A good example of a word with multiple meanings is the word bill. It can mean the beak of a bird, a statute in draft before it comes a law, a piece of paper money or a statement of money owed for services rendered (for example, a receipt that one receives after eating in a restaurant).
  • Answer: To put out of your mind ; to cease remembering
  • Answer: The definition of the word "Programming" is "the action or process of writing computer programs."

    Hope this helps.
  • Answer: The Latin word abutor is equivalent to the English words "toabuse".
  • Answer: Nostalgia means that you are fondly thinking of the past. A synonym would be reminiscence.

    Example: The women gave in to their nostalgia when they listened to music from their childhood.

What is the meaning of the word loop?

  • A loop is a line that forms a circular shape. It comes from theMiddle English word loupe, as referred to a loupe of cloth perhaps.

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