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Do drugs control your life?

  • no

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  • Answer: in drugs, there are things like nikotine that are VERY addicting, so watch out. many people think drugs can make them happy or make them high, or cool, but that is wrong. if you are thinking about doing drugs, dont. there are much better things in life to make you happy. try sports, art, and try to find your talents, and indulge them.dude your a dumt drugs do get you high but their still bad and also little kids need to stop answering these things its cal nicotine and its only in tobacco dumb idoit so get some research before you look it
  • Answer: things could go wrong with it and u could get pregnant
  • Answer: Yes, and they often do.
  • Answer: Cholinergic drugs are also used in control of glaucoma, a disease that is caused by increased pressure inside the eye. The most common drugs used for this purpose are demecarium (Humorsol) and echthiophate (Phospholine iodide).
  • Answer: ALL drugs have an effect on birth control pill?
  • Answer: No prenatal pilla dont interfere with birth control. Ive been taking both for about two years now and i have seen any changes. But its really opitonal.
  • Answer: That depends on who you ask. Many Christians will say yes, as will many of other religions. (As "god" in your question is not capitalized, it means that it can apply to any god of any religion, not just the Christian "God.")
    That said, most people do chose to exhibit a modicum of free will. They believe that while our actions are guided by Him, they are not controlled by Him.
  • Answer: There are many drugs that can help control anxiety. Muscle relaxers, etc. But there are other ways to control anxiety rather than medicine. Try practicing thinking to yourself and tell the anxiety to go away. This always helped me...tell yourself "im young and healthy".
  • Answer: First you must take responsibility for 100% of you actions. You may not be able to control everything that happens to you, but you can control your own actions. To every action there is a reaction, and when you improve your actions you will find things changing around you.
  • Answer: The information may, or may not be available for review by all isnurance companies across the country.Usually, the medical examination results from a physical exam for life insurance are shared with the M.I.B. (Medical Information Bureau), which is accessible by most life insurance companies.However, there are life insurance companies who do provide coverage for people who have taken drugs in the past, but have since stopped for a period of time.I have seen people get insured after stopping drugs for a period of 5 or 10 years.There are also guaranteed issued policies that will still issue you a policy no matter what your drug history.
  • Answer: In the Cold War, some of these ways might be that you would need tobe a member of the Communist Party to receive certain benefits,food and other consumer goods were sometimes rationed or justlimited, every company was owned by the government, and every mediaoutlet (TV Newspapers Radio etc) was also controlled by the state.

    In Stalinist times fear of repression and propaganda was especiallycommon.