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What are the habits of students that give them satisfaction to peer pressure?

  • Well most of the time kids have a lot of pure pressure when theyhave a crush and people tease them about it, they might be shy orreally most kids keep it a secret

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  • Answer: Well most of the time kids have a lot of pure pressure when theyhave a crush and people tease them about it, they might be shy orreally most kids keep it a secret
  • Answer: actually i have had peer pressure and correct me if im wrong but u can really ask ALMOST everybody and they will say that they have but in my opinion the best way to get rid of peer pressure is to ignore it. but if it gets to the point where they r personally dissing u for not joinin them then its out of ur hands get help many teachers counselrs and adults could help u! and dont be afraid to get help just ur afraid they wil call u a tattletale just tell some1 no matter who it isits better than keepin ur feelins bottled up inside! hope this helped if u have any more questions just email me @
  • Answer: Good peer pressure could come in a lot of forms. When it comes tohealth, someone could peer pressure you by eating healthy, etc.Anyone who enforces positive behavior is considered to give goodpeer pressure.
  • Answer: It depends how you look at it. For example, your friends asking you to drink with them may be negative peer pressure if you do not wish to drink.
  • Answer: Neutral Peer Pressure is when the affects have no consiquences.they dont harm your nor help you.
  • Answer: Because when some people see others around them using them and telling them that they will feel good and they will look cool if they take them. They would never usually try them but they do because people are pressuring them into doing them.
  • Answer: First, go down to the clinic and get yourself sterilised. This will prevent any future children flying out your uterus to meet the unstoppable force of your ignorance. Then check with your family GP. They will have a record of any sort of sort of congenital idiocracy or lobotomy carried out within the last year. Then go home and tell your child that you unconditionally love and support him irregardless of whether he is sexually attracted to men or women.
  • Answer: The negatives effects of peer pressure are the consequences. Peer pressure can ultimately lead to death, jail and or hospitalization. Peer pressure can also lead to STD and pregnancy.
  • Answer: The negative effects of peer pressure can include early use ofsubstances and sexual experimentation before one is emotionallyready. Negative peer pressure can also effect self-esteem inharmful ways for the person trying to fit in.
  • Answer: Peer Pressure effects the choices we make by making us feel like wehave to make a certain choice in order to look cool in front of ourfriends.
  • Answer: I think.........
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  • Answer: Ask a paramedic to talk to them. Paramedics can go into very extreme medical detail about the nastiness that goes on with drug use. It can be quite scary. Police officers can sometimes do the trick also. Show some pictures of meth addicts.
  • Answer: Yes Some people whether they be young or old are not pressured into doing as their peers in order to be like them or put hem under that impression. Some people are willing to make judgements for themselves.
  • Answer: you adopt a "F**k everything attitude," which is fine, but will screw you over