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  • Answer: A person could find business and finance news on their local newspaper, or local state billboards. If finding online, one could go to the site called Huffington Post.
  • Answer: As it is with most sports, the best place one can go for sports news and information is ESPN. ESPN has a section of their website that is dedicated to racing sports.
  • Answer: A person from Rome is called a Roman.
  • Answer: The Bishop of Rome, otherwise known as the Pope. He is the head of the Roman Catholic church and the Vatican city.
  • Answer: If it is believed that the jury pool has been contaminated or unduly influenced by the media, and that the defendant has been "tried by the press", a defense attorney may petiton the court for a "change of venue", which is to say that he is asking it to be moved to another county.

    Nowadays, as news reaches everyone in the state - and oft times the nation - not just the lone county, this has come under scrutiny. Changes of venue nowadays are asked for primarily if the defense attorney believes that the jury is going to be drawn from a population that is inherently prejudiced against the defendant.

    This can be, for instance, if a person is on trial for killing a fisherman, and the jury is to be drawn from the town of 150 fisherman who are no doubt in some way related to the victim. Or, it can reflect lingering racial divisions, such as if an attorney for a black defendant tries to move the trial to a county with a higher percent of blacks, and thus a greater chance of getting one black on the jury.
  • Answer: If you use I-64 W, to I-95 N, it is 322 miles. If you average 60 mph, it will take you 5 hours and 22 minutes.
  • Answer: The drive from Newport News, VA to Norfolk, VA is 24.2 mi - about 30 mins.

    The direct distance between Newport News to Norfolk is 18 miles (29 km).

    See the related link for a map with detailed driving directions.

  • Answer: From Newport News, VA to Richmond, VA is 83 miles; approximately 1 hour, 35 minutes driving time.
  • Answer: The shortest driving distance is 1,364 miles.
  • Answer: The shortest driving distance is 600 miles.
  • Answer: The distance between the start location and the destination is 686mi, (1,104km), and will take approximately 11 hours 17 minutes of driving time.
  • Answer: The shortest driving distance is 25 miles.
  • Answer: 818 mi (1,317km) - about 13 hours 45 mins driving time.

    Newport News, VA, USA to Brandon, FL, USA.
    1. Head northeast on 25th St toward Warwick Blvd 482 ft
    2. Take the 1st left onto Warwick Blvd 3.0 mi
    3. Turn left to merge onto Mercury Blvd 0.5 mi
    4. Continue onto James River Bridge/US-17 S/US-258 S/VA-32 S
    Continue to follow US-17 S/US-258 S/VA-32 S 6.8 mi
    5. Turn right at Brewers Neck Blvd/US-258 S/VA-32 S 2.8 mi
    6. Turn right toward Benns Church Blvd/US-258 S/VA-10 W 194 ft
    7. Take the 1st left toward Benns Church Blvd/US-258 S/VA-10 W 243 ft
    8. Turn right at Benns Church Blvd/US-258 S/VA-10 W
    Continue to follow US-258 S/VA-10 W 4.2 mi
    9. Turn left at W Main St/US-258 S
    Continue to follow US-258 S 27.3 mi
    10. Turn right at Carrsville Hwy/US-258 S/US-58 BUS W
    Continue to follow US-258 S 1.9 mi
    11. Turn left at N Main St 0.3 mi
    12. Slight right at South St 1.6 mi
    13. Turn right to merge onto Southampton Pkwy/US-58 W toward Courtland/Emporia
    Continue to follow US-58 W 35.6 mi
    14. Merge onto I-95 S via the ramp to Rocky Mt NC
    Passing through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
    Entering Florida 524 mi
    15. Take exit 362B to merge onto I-295 S 14.4 mi
    16. Take exit 21B to merge onto I-10 W toward Lake City 13.0 mi
    17. Take exit 343 toward Starke 0.3 mi
    18. Merge onto FL-200 W/US-301 S 75.8 mi
    19. Turn right at NW 70th St/Co Rd 326/FL-326 W
    Continue to follow Co Rd 326/FL-326 W 2.7 mi
    20. Merge onto I-75 S via the ramp to Tampa 100 mi
    21. Take exit 257 for FL-60 W 0.4 mi
    22. Turn right at W Brandon Blvd/FL-60 W 0.2 mi
    23. Make a U-turn at S Falkenburg Rd 3.1 mi
    24. Make a U-turn at S Parsons Ave 105 ft
    Brandon, FL, USA.
  • Answer: It is 10.4 miles according to Google Maps.

Who was the person who ran 6 miles to rome to tell the news of the victory at marathon?

  • I assume you mean the person who ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory won there by the Greeks. His name according to Herodotus was Pheidippides.

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