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What is the difference between Information Practices and Computer Science?

  • Science means experiments, observations and conclusions. Such things help in productivity. computer science is the study based on experiments, observations and conclusions and because of that new development is going on. Computer Science need mathematical and analytic skills that a science student can do. It must be opted by student having enough time to experiment with ideas. Computer Science includes C++, Boolean Algebra, Database Concepts and Networking in the beginning. As CBSE class XII is concern it seems that only Science students are opting for subject. In Compare to other subjects Like Painting, Physical Education, Music the subject computer science is more interesting and practical but the subject contents are more. students opting for Painting , Music , Physical Education has very less syllabus that can be completed in a month. But Computer science need at least 10 months to complete.

    Information Practices is the study based on information its storage etc. Information Practices includes Java NetBeans, MYSQL and networking. Any Stream student can learn it. It is easy and has no concern with computer science.

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