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  • Answer: ask your Mom, she had sump nut last night.
  • Answer: Because there may be sewage in it, or worse. Call a plumber.

    Floor drains and washing machine drains are often drained into sumps. Grey water from these sources will begin to smell if not regularly flushed with more water and pumped out. The best way to eliminate this is to seal the sump with a clear cover so you can view the water levels. This will also help with other potential indoor air quality issues like radon gas. I also recommend an inspection plug to allow for manipulating a stuck pump float. Also if you have flood in the basement pulling the plug will provide a quick drain for the water.

    You can view a photo of a cover here...
  • Answer: You can buy pumps at MANY sites from $50 up to about $100 and up.However, the installation is something else entirely. If youalready have a pump in place, putting in a new one would normallybe an easy job . However if you want to put a pump into a drainthat does not have one, there would likely be a lot of work to do--digging out a hole in which to put the pump-- likely breaking upsome concrete to make the hole, lining the hole with newconcrete,connecting the pump to the drain and putting in the wiringto the pump.
    Labor costs vary from place to place and it might even be hard tofind someone to do this kind of work. I think $500 would be a gooddeal in a case like this.

    ANS 2
    It depends entirely on the usage, - whether you are simply keepinga basement dry, or if you have an occupied basement with toilet andbath facilities. - Simple sump pumps for keeping a basement dryshould sit in a depression at the lowest point in the basement. Intheir very basic form, these can pump up through cheap plastic pipeto a main drain. This system can cost as little as 300-350installed.
    -For an occupied basement there are many self contained tank/pumpunits that are much more robust and complex, using a small septicpump in a garbage bin sized tank to pump up on demand from a floatswitch. These can cost between 800-2000 to buy and installproperly.

    My Ans.3
    A sump pump with a built-in backup pump can be $300-$500,and heavy-duty solid-brass sump pumps start around$250-$350, but can go as high as $600-$1,200 forextremely rugged models with a half to a full horse power. Averagetotal costs for a do-it-yourself installation of basin, pump,gravel and cement can run $150-$350.
  • Answer: Without knowing more details about the type and location of the sump pump it is hard to advise you what to do.

    If you can log in again and provide more details someone may be able to give you a more helpful answer.
  • Answer: On a Fiat Punto, the sump plug is at the base of the sump. It should be a hexagonal fitment and somewhere between 12-13 mm. .
  • Answer: Usually, there will be an oil cooler located on the engine. Oil will travel through the cooler in metal tubes that have thin fins which radiate the heat from the oil to air passing through the cooler.
  • Answer: A fixture carrier is a device that keeps the toilet off the floor and used on basins especially commercial and handicapped applications.

    These carriers support the weight of the fixture and the weight of people who use a wall hung basin as a support.

    SEE JR SMITH as they make out standing carriers.

  • Answer: Unfortunately, we are learning the hard way after Hurricane Irene that insurance does not cover for damages caused by sump pump failure due to a power outage. NOT happy about it, but we continue to work with the wet vac and fans, de-humidifiers. After some research, I have found that some insurance companies do offer a separate clause for this. Generators or battery back-ups for sump pumps seem to be the way to go. That will be our next investment after replacing what we will end up losing.
  • Answer: The difference between the two is that the Water tube boilers aresafer and last much longer than the fire tube boiler. Their size isalso larger and have a faster recovery time. However fire tubeboilers have a low cost.
  • Answer: the difference is that one goes on a bike and the other goes on a dirt bike, the second reason is that one is smaller than the other one to
  • Answer: .25 Liters

    Because there are 1000ml in a liter and 250/1000 is .25
  • Answer: Salem was named after Michal Salem
  • Answer: Salem Insurance is an insurance provider company. They provide business, home, auto, life and health insurance.J&RThey operate through a network of agents in the insurance arena.

What is a Salem sump tube?

  • It is a two lumen tube that removes gastric contents. One lumen is a suction and the other is an air vent. The air vent never clamps or connects to the suction.

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