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  • Answer: modern technology brings a drastic changes in peoples life the became inactive ,due to lack of physical activities human body is a growth factory o f diseases like dm, htn, heart diseas etc.i thuink the more the technology grows the more the humans became ill
  • Answer: Because you can play basketball on the internet
  • Answer: radiation actually.... lol like cellphone in ur pocket all the time can make u sterile its the same as having a laptop on ur lap makes u sterile having a phone at your ear all day can kill some brain cells..Go read the other questions, because this is the same as the other ones.
  • Answer: by affecting our eyes
  • Answer: Technology evolve different culture of better economy , peaceful and crime free society as we find from decrypted secret of matured Harappan Civilization 1900-1300 BC in South Asia. Most of the developed countries , Korea and many others have technology based culture. The useless and aimless education as a commercial product in many cases had destroyed the local technology and we get criminals , terrorist and money makers using any method. Golden sparrow South Asia most peaceful global traders Harappans came up as different culture in 1960s with different culture with simple way of living may be with US aid and industrial start. Technology and culture found a new dimension in 1970s. Now culture of corruption , terrorism and crimes has caused a great destruction to technology in last 5 years.
  • Answer: Nurses are able to use technology to help administer care topatients easier. The more technology in use, the easier it is tohelp patients.
  • Answer: We could not deny the fact that most of the working men as well as women today enjoys a less distressful career in their life. We have seen the hardship of people in the past in gathering simple information in their career, it is obvious that most people today has the luxury to gather information by a click of a mouse and not leaving their desk. As a whole, technology has level up the peoples way of working either in office or in the busy floor of stock market.
  • Answer: Science discovers and Technology makes things from the discovery
  • Answer: It affects the world when abused because it can destroy the whole planet. It can destroy the people and the environment.
  • Answer: new technology may creates unemployment in our country as for example people in an textile or manufacturig industry are being replaced by new type of machinery to fulfile their task very rapidly
  • Answer: yes it can it can make there eyes go weak sometimes even blind it can give them brain damage and headaches or vomiting and even migraines
  • Answer: i think that it just makes the smaller things easy for us.
  • Answer: It distracts people from what is important (each other) and makes it much easier to be unfaithful or seem unfaithful. It causes paranoia, arguments and eventually it can break up two people who were otherwise great together.


How do science and technology affects sport?

  • Understanding the physics behind the trajectory of throwing a football is an example of science, while testing stronger material for sports equipment is vital for athletes.

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