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  • Answer: The Holy Quran is the primary sacred text for Islam. It is revered by Muslims who daily recite sections from it and who spend many hours in childhood learning parts of it by heart.
  • Answer: Just see a dentist safest thig to do!
  • Answer: redtooth is the latest technology which is been invented by hp by mani sharma and chiruta aka tarun. it gives range up to 5000mtr .
    it is the genN wireless device which can take over any wireless device
    it can also replace wi-fi

    happy diwali

    pichi fello
  • Answer: Get ora gel, it works great, but I would get in to see your dentist, you could have a hair line crack, or a cavity
  • Answer: 99

    Answer B
    Allah (SWT) has thousands of names and 10,000 of them are mentioned in Dua Jowshan Kabir; ([you may can find that dua here][1])

    the 99 names are the Husna names according to this verse of Quran:

    وَ لِلّهِ الأَسْماءُ الْحُسْنى فَادْعُوهُ بِها

    and for Allah is the Good names so ask God with those names.

    and there are many Hadith from prophet and Ahl Bayt said those names in this verse are 99 special names and who call God with those names his asking will be accepted.
    so those 99 names are special. and those 99 names are mentioned in Quran and exactly mentioned in Hadith.

    Imam Sadiq (SA) after talking about above verse said those 99 especial names are:

    وَ هِیَ اللّهُ، الإِلهُ، الْواحِدُ، الأَحَدُ، الصَّمَدُ، الأَوَّلُ،
    الآْخِرُ، السَّمِیعُ، الْبَصِیرُ، الْقَدِیرُ، الْقادِرُ، الْعَلِیُّ،
    الأَعْلى، الْباقِی، الْبَدِیعُ، الْبارِئُ، الأَکْرَمُ، الْباطِنُ،
    الْحَیُّ، الْحَکِیمُ، الْعَلِیمُ، الْحَلِیمُ، الْحَفِیظُ، الْحَقُّ،
    الْحَسِیبُ، الْحَمِیدُ، الْحَفِیُّ، الرَّبُّ، الرَّحْمانُ، الرَّحِیمُ،
    الذّارِئُ، الرّازِقُ، الرَّقِیبُ، الرَّءُوفُ، الرّائِی، السَّلامُ،
    الْمُؤْمِنُ، الْمُهَیْمِنُ، الْعَزِیزُ، الْجَبّارُ، الْمُتَکَبِّرُ،
    السَّیِّدُ، السُّبُّوحُ، الشَّهِیدُ، الصّادِقُ، الصّانِعُ، الظّاهِرُ،
    الْعَدْلُ، الْعَفُوُّ، الْغَفُورُ، الْغَنِیُّ، الْغِیاثُ، الْفاطِرُ،
    الْفَرْدُ، الْفَتّاحُ، الْفالِقُ، الْقَدِیمُ، الْمَلِکُ، الْقُدُّوسُ،
    الْقَوِیُّ، الْقَرِیبُ، الْقَیُّومُ، الْقابِضُ، الْباسِطُ، قاضِی
    الْحاجاتِ، الْمَجِیدُ، الْمَوْلى، الْمَنّانُ، الْمُحِیطُ، الْمُبِینُ،
    الْمُغِیثُ، الْمُصَوِّرُ، الْکَرِیمُ، الْکَبِیرُ، الْکافِی، کاشِفُ
    الضُّرِّ، الْوَتْرُ، النُّورُ، الْوَهّابُ، النّاصِرُ، الْواسِعُ،
    الْوَدُودُ، الْهادِی، الْوَفِیُّ، الْوَکِیلُ، الْوارِثُ، الْبَرُّ،
    الْباعِثُ، التَّوّابُ، الْجَلِیلُ، الْجَوادُ، الْخَبِیرُ، الْخالِقُ،
    خَیْرُ النّاصِرِینَ، الدَّیّانُ، الشَّکُورُ، الْعَظِیمُ، اللَّطِیفُ،

    Reference of Hadith:
    «بحار الانوار»، جلد 4، صفحه 186 و جلد 90، صفحه 273 (با تفاوت) ـ «توحید صدوق»، صفحه 194، انتشارات جامعه مدرسین، قم، 1398 هـ ق ـ «خصال صدوق»، جلد 2، صفحه 593، انتشارات جامعه مدرسین، قم، 1403 هـ ق.</sup>

    Each name of Allah (SWT) is for one attribute and one law of Allah (SWT).
  • Answer: An incisor in any one of eight front teeth (four on top, four on bottom). They are typically shaped like a chisel, with a relatively thin cutting surface.
  • Answer: An absess is a pocket of infection. The area swells up, feels hot, and is very painful.
  • Answer: Ice packs can help with the swelling. Warm salt water rinses with releve pressure. See a denistist or oral sergen as soon as possible. Once the area is infected aggressive antibotics will need to be used.
  • Answer: Tooth corrosion (or tooth decay) is caused by the different sugars in foods reacting to the bacteria in our mouth, which produce Plaque and give your teeth a furry feeling. The plaque love to eat away at tooth enamel and could cause tooth decay.

    Also, drinking many fizzy drinks would erode away at your teeth because they have much sugar as well. This can lead to sensitive teeth if you have been drinking a lot of fizzy drinks.
  • Answer: these are your best options:
    1. go to a dentist (that would be smart)
    2. get a paper towel and try pulling it out yourself. (you should wait until it is loose enough or you would hurt yourself)
    3. wiggle it so it becomes looser and you can easily pull it out.
    4. let it come out itself. :)
  • Answer: your mouth
  • Answer: They have Stannous Fluoride, Sodium Hexametaphosphate. Not all are the same, some may have different contents than some others.

  • Answer: In the Dental community we call it "dental caries" or a "carious lesion." Caries refers the disease in which hard tooth structure becomes damaged or decayed as result of bacterial processes, primarily due to Streptococcus mutans. Fermentable carbohydrates such as sucrose fuel these bacteria which produce acids. If not removed from the tooth surface the acids will begin to demineralize the hydroxyapatite crystal structure of the enamel and dentin.
    I suppose you could also call it a "cavity."

  • Answer: Hydroxyapetite

Did the holy Quran say eye for eye tooth for tooth?

  • Quran says more than that.
    a)Allah says: "Fight those who neither believe in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and do not embrace the religion of the truth, being among those who have been given the Book (Bible and the Torah), until they pay tribute out of hand and have been humiliated." (Surah 9:29)
    b)Allah says: "...O Prophet, urge the believers to fight (Surah 8:65)
    c)Followers of Islam have a mandate to fight until Islam is the only religion. This theme saturates the pages of the Koran.
    "Tell the unbelievers that if they abandon their ways He will forgive them what is past, but, if they return, that was indeed the way of their forefathers who have passed away. Fight them until persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme." (Surah 8:39-40, compare Surah 2:132; Surah 3:19, 85; Surah 48:16, 28-29; Surah 61:9; Surah 110)

    ANSWER 2: To answer the specific question, NO, it is found in the Jewish Tanakh (old testament of the Bible).

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