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How do you find the history of and old anvil?

  • My friend and I were cleaning his cellar and we found an old anvil.The name is Nulland. I cant find any history of this anvil. Wouldanyone no how I could learn more about it.

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  • Answer: My friend and I were cleaning his cellar and we found an old anvil.The name is Nulland. I cant find any history of this anvil. Wouldanyone no how I could learn more about it.
  • Answer: The answer is, there is no real truth in history books, stories or other types of recording. People can only see the perspective of their own eyes, which is ruled by past experience. The observation of one person or even a group of witnesses will always be personal and may not be accurate.

    If a teacher or person says that something happened this way or was started for certain reason or reasons, then they may not be correct. There are always a number of truths. When looking for the truth, you must be open to alternative accounts, views and opinions. 

    A good historian will be something of a detective.  To find the "truth of history" may be difficult, but the more investigation that goes on, the better the understanding of past events will be.  With every document that you read, you should consider whether the author is qualified to write about the subject, whether the author has a reason to put forward a biased version of events and whether the author had access to all the information available.  Keep researching, keep reading and you will get closer to an accurate account of the events and reasons behind them.
  • Answer: Anvils are used by blacksmiths. They are basically small tables/stands for smashing a hammer on, while working with the metal. Without anvils, you would need to use a table made of iron.
  • Answer: A Blacksmiths anvil can be purchased on eBay the online store for a very affordable price and it seems the quality of the products are very high indeed.
  • Answer: The hammer, stirrup, and anvil are three tiny bones in your inner ear.
    They act as levers, to amplify the vibrations created by the ear drum. Ear drum oscillations are very weak, not strong enough to sufficiently move the liquid inside the cochlea. These three bones, also called ossicles are critical to hearing.
  • Answer: Hearing.

    They transmit the sound vibrations from the ear drum to the inner ear.
  • Answer: Who said "character is forged on the anvil of adversity."

    I first heard this direct quote being attributed to Lance Hill during his tenure at the University of Delaware circa 1988-89. Not believing he coined it, I have since searched around a bit and never found anyone else formally credited with the quote. That said, there seem to be many references to the notion of character being forged through adversity, so it is likely a paraphrasing from some other text.
  • Answer: well, if it is used and u bought it from a dealer, just say "show me the car fax"
  • Answer: You can find out the history of your home by going to google or by going the court house or city hall of wherever you live.
  • Answer: A VIN will tell you country of manufacture and manufacturer, model, year, build plant, trim, engine and transmission options. It will not give a vehicle history.
  • Answer: I believe you would have to go to your local DMV
  • Answer: You can find your family history many places, you can most likely find it online on a DNA website, you can find it at the library, or it is in your grandparents mind ask your won family members, go to
    Caramell says: You can also go to
  • Answer: This would probably vary by different jurisdiction (different state, province, country, level of court, etc), however, in the jurisdiction I am in any person can go to the courthouse administration office and do an index search for free on the computers.
    You can enter the name of a person in the plaintiff or defendant fields on a search screen and query the search subject that way. Very easy. The reason this is available is because when a lawsuit is filed, it is part of a public record.
  • Answer: Court cases can be released to the public, but you just need to know how and where to get them. Some are available online through public court records while you can ask a court and explain your reason. You can also look up court cases on old newspaper articles that may have reported on them.