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  • Answer: The power train consists of the engine, the transmission and the fuel system.
  • Answer: Air cleaner, alternator, axle, bellhousing, brake caliper, bumper, camshaft, clutch, connecting rod, distributor, draglink, driveshaft, EGR filter, engine block, exhaust manifold, flexplate, freeze plugs, fuel filter, gauges, generator, grill, harmonic vibration dampener, head gasket, heater core, ignition coil, instrument panel, intake manifold, jack, Jake brake, Jessel gear drive, keyed ignigtion switch, leather interior, lifters, lug nuts, main caps, master cylinder, muffler, nightvision rearview mirror lever, neutral safety switch, oil pressure sending unit, outside rearview mirror, oxygen sensor, panhard bar, pinion bearing, piston, Quadra-jet carburetor, radiator, ring gear, rocker arm, seat belt, spindle, sway bar, timing chain, torque converter, transmission, underhood insulation pad, upper balljoints, vacuum advance diaphragm, valvesprings, water pump, windage tray, windshield wipers, x-over exhaust pipe, yoke (transmission), zolatone (trunk spatter), zoomies (aftermarket exhaust headers). There you have it, in alphabetical order no less...allthough I had to reach for a couple.
  • Answer: the first three parts are the most imortant, since pi is an infinite number[never ends], anyway they are 3.14! :{o
    p.s. tell your maths teacher that it was me who told you
    p.p.s. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!
  • Answer: The device itself and a display.
  • Answer: The introduction, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the conclusion.

    Characters, settings, themes, and plot.
  • Answer: They are Guanine, Cytocine, Adenine, Thymine, can sometimes be known as bases
  • Answer: The four parts of DNA are called bases. These bases come togetherto create DNA and pair up with one another.
  • Answer: head, abdomen and thorax
  • Answer: For the most part under the hood parts include the condenser,reciever/drier, compressor pump, compressor clutch, orficetube/expansion valve, high and low cut-out switches and hoses. Theblower motor, controls and evaporator are located inside thevehicle behind the dash.
  • Answer: Nucleus and cycoplasm
  • Answer: I think you mean Bases. They are Guanine, Cytocine, Adenine,Thymine. DNA consists of 3 parts -the Bases, Phosphate Groups, andSugar (Deoxyribose).
  • Answer: 12
  • Answer: Auditory canal, tensor tympani muscle, cochlea, cochlear nerve, vestibular nerve.
  • Answer: shoulder, elbow, muscles, hand
  • Answer: there are 2827 different parts of a car

What are the four parts of DNA?

  • NUCLEOTIDES, look up bases for more specific answers

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