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Why should you care about the cave art?

  • Cave art is one of the few links that we have to the far past. It gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and communication of "our ancestors". (please improve ?)

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  • Answer: Cave art is one of the few links that we have to the far past. It gives us a glimpse into the thoughts and communication of "our ancestors". (please improve ?)
  • Answer: Around 40,000 years ago.
  • Answer: This branch of care is referred to as just that "long term care". It includes nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Assisted living facilities are one step down from a nursing home. Residents must have a slightly higher level of function in order to qualify for admittance to assisted living facilities. Nursing homes provide care for individuals who will most likely never again reach a reasonable level of functioning.Hospice houses provide care for terminally ill patients who are near death. Patients usually check into a hospice house to receive medical treatment and die with as much dignity as possible. They receive round the clock pain control from nursing staff and house/on call physicians.Angie RN
  • Answer: i don`t know but what i do know is that it has something to do with the sky.
  • Answer: 2.7miles
  • Answer: well there are three ways to do so
    1. return to door
    2. dig
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    remember that this is a very loose answer
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  • Answer: Cave paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings, and the term is used especially for those dating to prehistoric times.Cave arts are paintings found on ceilings and cave walls , andoften refer to paintings of prehistoric origin.
  • Answer: Capitation method is the one provide member directed toward preventive care.
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  • Answer: cave art dated way back so no one is exactly sure who it came from. but i can tell you that it originated in Europe dating up to 32,000 years ago.
  • Answer: Yes
  • Answer: Survival gear, food & water, flashlight, first aid kit.
  • Answer: The purpose of cave art was most likely the ancient peoples way of recording events. It also was probably used for storytelling. As there was no written language when the paintings were done, cave paintings were their way of recording things.
    It is also believed by scientists that cave paintings were part of a hunting ritual. Ancient people believed that if an animal was painted on the walls, and then they went off to hunt, the animal would come off the wall, creating more game to hunt. As many people point out, the animals are extremely detailed, but the humans seem almost sloppy. This might have been their way of preventing the creation of humans off the walls.
  • Answer: It depends on the type of rock, the colours change