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You are on zanaflex and have to take a drug urine test Can you pass the test while taking this drug without a prescription?

  • If you have a prescription for this medication then yes you will pass just let them know what drugs are prescribed.

    Substance Detection Period by Urine Test
    Alcohol 12-24 hours
    Amphetamine 1-4 days
    Barbiturates 1- 21 days
    Benzodiazepines 1-42 days
    Cannabis (Single Use) 2-3 days
    Cannabis (Habitual Use) Up to 12 weeks
    Cocaine 4-5 days
    Codeine/Morphine 2-4 days
    Heroin 2-4 days
    Methamphetamines 3-5 days
    PCP 3-7 days

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