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  • Answer: Anti tetanus serum is injected to prevent a person from gettingtetanus. The indications for giving this medication are when apatient has a deep puncture wound or cut, especially with itemswhich are dirty because the bacteria which causes tetanus is knownto be present in dust and soil.
  • Answer: prophylaxis and treatment of tetanus
  • Answer: The composition of your anti-tetatus serum is the attenuated or "weakened" causitive agent of Tetanus, the bacteria called Clostridium tetani. In contrast with your Tetanus Toxoid, it contains not the bacteria but the toxin produced by the C. tetani, also in weakened form. Doctor Q.U. Ack,BSB,RMT,MD
  • Answer: The purpose of anti-tetanus serum is to prevent someone fromgetting tetanus, otherwise known as lockjaw. Tetanus is caused bybacteria which is commonly found in the soil and is transmittedthrough deep flesh wounds such as stepping on a nail or getting cutby other objects. Getting injected with the serum will prevent thebacteria from causing tetanus.
  • Answer: Anti-tetanus serum drugs are the medications which are injected asa vaccine to prevent a person from getting tetanus. The mostcommonly used drug is called tetanus toxoid.
  • Answer: Tetanus is caused by a toxin released by a bacterial organism. The serum contains antibodies to the toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. The antibodies inactivate the toxin in the blood stream and prevent an individual from experiencing tetanus.
  • Answer: Side effects and Reactions: Some allergic reactions may be developed after administration of the serum. Short term reactions are developed immediately or in several hours after injection; an mid-term reactions are developeded on the 2nd-6th day after administering the serum. Remote or long term reactions might be developed in two weeks or later. These reactions have a symptoms of fever, itching or skin rashes, swelling joints, pains etc. Administering the serum with positive sensitivy test result may lead to anaphylactic shock.
  • Answer: There are a few side effects from the anti-tetanus serum. They arethe following: nausea, joint pain, mild fever, tired, itching andswelling, etc.
  • Answer: It is given after penetrating injury or cuts to people who have not been immunised against Tetanus. Most have had received tetanus immunisation as a child, and they only need a booster after 5 years if they have had cuts or injury with dirty contaminated wounds.
  • Answer: yes you have to have a testing. So if you apply it. you may know that if you have an allergy or something lke that...
  • Answer: i lake units are given ,in which 50000 units are given i/m and remaining are given iv...

Tetanus toxoid and anti-tetanus serum are given same time however they are not administered at the same site.why?

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