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  • Answer: Since you typed this in or clicked on it im guessing you probroly think something is wrong with you. But the proper way to find out and to no for sure is go see a doctor.
    I had depression and got teased so much by alot of people evryone thought i was werid. One boy asked in front of a whole class what was wrong with me and it was so embrassing.
  • Answer: There is certainly nothing wrong with you just because you believe in a deity. This kind of belief has been part of human culture for as long as it has existed, no matter what your beliefs are concerning origins of the world and of life. Go as deeply into the world of your faith and belief as you can, if that is your desire. On the other hand, there is certainly nothing wrong with wondering about and questioning your beliefs, and going fearlessly wherever your explorations lead you, short of doing anything that could hurt others or yourself. If faith is real, and if you have it, questioning and exploring can only leave you stronger.
  • Answer: It could have a blown gasket which causes that smell. And there could be something loose in the interior of the air conditioner.
  • Answer: Sin means violating a commandment of God. Therefore, yes, it iswrong to sin.
  • Answer: well. if you dont do anything wrong then i think theres something quite wrong with you. everyone messes up, makes mistakes. its human nature!
  • Answer: it is better to get them all cut
  • Answer: Western society places an emphasis on private property. Someone has what the law refers to as "a bundle of rights" with respect to an object or piece of land. One of the rights in that bundle is the right of exclusive possession, the right to exclude all others from possessing that object or piece of land.

    Many other societies have viewed land or objects as being available for the use of anyone and everyone. Any form ownership was collective in nature.

    The word "wrong" is a moral word more than a legal word. Intentionally taking something in which another has that "bundle of rights" is a crime in most, if not all, nations. But whether the act was wrong is a moral judgment.
  • Answer: From the start
  • Answer: no it is not grammatically wrong but it is better to ask where are you if you want to use it in question...
  • Answer: Use: erroneous / false / incorrect / inexact / mistaken / out (out of...) / unsatisfactory / untrue.
  • Answer: A little. It is probably in Celsius. The normal human bodytemperature in C. is 37.
  • Answer: Its a decision of free will :D

    like S&M.
  • Answer: Your tires probably just need to be balanced.
  • Answer: a super smart guy who is very annoying sometimes. he is shaped like a branch!

What is wrong if you are colicky?

  • Suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary

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