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  • Answer: The Bible (as well as the scriptures of other faiths) gives many examples of God showing His love for us: the most notable is that even when He is disappointed with us, even when He is angry with us, He gives us another chance and does not destroy the world. He promised He would maintain the universe and He also said He was willing to forgive us for our sins if we truly repent and try to do better. Christians also believe that the sacrifice of Jesus was another way of God showing his life for us-- as it says in John 3:16, He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son for us. Christianity and Judaism both teach that human beings have free will (although Christians believe in original sin, while Jews do not); the point is that humans can humble themselves before God, or they can be stubborn and arrogant and try to go on without Him. But for believers, there is no doubt that God loves His creation and that He hopes human beings will choose to do good rather than evil.
  • Answer: In simple terms Web 3.0 - will make your tasks like search for movies and food faster and easier. Instead of multiple searches, you might type a complex sentence or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the rest.

    For example you could type "I want to see a funny movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What are my options?" The Web 3.0 browser will analyze your response, search the Internet for all possible answers, and then organize the results for you.
  • Answer: Amazing individuals
  • Answer: Answer

    Miscommunication, money, insecurity, distrust.
  • Answer: In the business world empowering individuals is about making an employee feel valuable. It is listening to what they have to say because oftentimes employees who are not in high positions at the company know what the business needs the most. The people working in their division know the most about what that division needs and empowering them is encouraging them to speak up.
  • Answer: Individuals vary in physical structure,color,intellectual ability , social behavior, in temperament and outlook in perspective as well as thought.
  • Answer: Cold war is an extreme level of unfriendliness between twoindividuals. They do not speak or quarrel, but they remain hostileto each other. They try to maintain silence, but they are broodingunder the cover. A bit of instigation is needed to just blow themup.
  • Answer: Josef Svoboda, Jo Mielziner, and Adolphe Appia were known foradvancing the art of set design.
  • Answer: epidemic disese
    All sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted between individuals.
  • Answer: Sometimes its just for fitness and loosing weight. Sometimes, its just for the fun of the sport. Its a very vague question, it just really depends who your talking about.
  • Answer: Prove for yourself!

    Imagine - I remove from you:

    cell phone, computer, TV heater, et cetera pp....... Will it effect you????
  • Answer: Paralyzed or sick people are moved to prevent "bed sores", skin must be aired and have blood circulation and be kept clean.
  • Answer: Religion influences the whole life of an individual if he sincerelyand devoutly accepts it and follows its teachings. All religionsteach love, tolerance and brotherhood. Religion makes a persontruthful, honest, straightforward and upright in his dealings withother humans. It teaches him to be patient under difficultsituations. It teaches its followers to be bold, daring andsteadfast in the face of hardships, test, and turmoil. It teacheshim chastity.
  • Answer: They can help you with any problems you are having

Is free will the idea that an individuals behavior was due to reasons beyond an individuals willing control?

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