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  • Answer: You are using technology right now to cheat on some sort of test...
  • Answer: Science and technology can cure your diseases, provide shelter and food for crowds of people, enable the creation of large cities to allow collaboration in enterprises, and perhaps even more.

    However an increase in mechanisation and automation has reduced the amount of work people are required to do to survive / gain nutrition. To the point where people may be almost entirely sedentary. That combined with the increase in processed high fat high calorie foods has led to problems in developed countries of obesity, heart disease and related problems.

    Military technology makes it quicker and more efficient to kill people than ever before, which directly gives a shorter lifespan.

    The indirect consequences of military technology are less clear -- it may be that people using the military technology to better defend themselves may live longer than they otherwise would have, and over the long term the threat of extinction from superweapons may cause nations to go to war much less often than in the times of the Caesar.

    It may also be worth considering the fact that a lot of the improvements in technology and medicine are ultimately derived from the vast R+D budgets applied to the design of military equipment or through the medical treatment of those people injured during war.

    Some broad examples include the development of plastic / reconstructive surgery to treat disfigured soldiers who had been injured in World War one. More recent examples include the development of new dressings which are much better at stemming blood loss and were introduced into service by the British Army in 2006 during the Afghan conflict and greatly reduce the risk of soldiers dying on the battlefield from blood loss before they reach medical facilities. Other improvements in methods are detailed in the related links. Ultimately as a large number of doctors in the British Armed forces are part of the Territorial army - What in other armed forces are referred to as reserves or National guardsman, they go back to their medical jobs in British Hospitals in the NHS and what they have learned filters down into the treatment of accident victims at home away from the battlefield.

    Another obvious innovation is most likely the screen your currently looking at, along ultimately with the computer technology you are using. A significant portion of the initial R&D budget for Flat panel LCD screens was provided by the military as they are significantly lighter and smaller than the CRT screens they replaced. This was of great importance as these screens form a major part of the display of information in modern combat and civilian aircraft. As the technology matured, the costs dropped and they became affordable for home use. Now the vast majority of people use a flat screen LCD monitor or television over the older CRT screens. The first digital programmable electronic computers were developed during World War two (known as the Colossus machines) to help decipher encrypted German messages and most likely helped the Allies win World War Two.

    See the related links for more information.
  • Answer: because of our new inventions..
    we can improve our daily lives
  • Answer: Definitely science and technology influences decision making not only in administrative establishments but also in society. For example science and technological developments influences the community in career selection ,the way we live, our habits and entertainment and every thing. This continuous research and improvements in science are a must for betterment of society.
  • Answer: Science, considering it would take many chemicals, or scientific experiments to do this.
  • Answer: Yes, it is called science fiction.
  • Answer: Answer: No, Bill Cosby is not a doctor. He is an entertainer, an actor.
  • Answer: Yes but it might come back to traditional culture. The traditional culture and technology is the building blocks of what we have today, it will never be completely replaced. apex.. improves results
  • Answer: because scientists envented technology

    Advances in science contribute to advance in technology
  • Answer: Science discovers and Technology makes things from the discovery
  • Answer: Life science entails facts and methods living life. Life skills refers to application of these methods and interpretation of these facts in daily life.
  • Answer: Technological innovations are commonly used to promote and network. For those who are looking to learn more, many colleges offer courses that deal with this concept.

How can apply science and technology in real life?

  • it just magically appears if someone is willing to pay for it.

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  • Answer: it just magically appears if someone is willing to pay for it.
  • Answer: Exponents are based on real life situations. For example, scientist use exponents to measure size of an earthquake! 2 to the 5th power is 2x2x2x2x2. Another way they are used is when putting in carpeting. You will order 12x12 square inches of carpeting, or 12 Squared.

    Every computer programmer have to learn math specially exponents,
    and here is the reason

    computer memory is strictly limited by the amount of hardware you have.
    so you need to know the total amount of numbers you can store in one block of memory (in computer numbers can represent any thing audio-images-text..)

    and also in cracking passwords in a way called brute force where all the possible letters and numbers are tried,

    and to do that you can use the simple function :

    x = y^n

    Where x is the total amount of numbers(values) that can be represented(stored) in a block of memory that its size(store places) is n,
    y is the count of digits in the counting system you use for example

    binary = 2 (0 or 1)
    decimal = 10 (0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9)
    hexadecimal = 16 (0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or a or b or c or d or e or f)

    for example to know the maximum value you can represnt by a 2 digits(boxes) decimal number:

    value = 10^2 = 100 (from 0 to 99)
  • Answer: Money
    30 + 70 = 100
    30p + 70p = 100p or £1
  • Answer: being religious and patriotic person
  • Answer: Marriage, sex and religious practices like fasting are some of theethical principles that are related to health and social carepractice and apply to real life.
  • Answer: Not even a flint knife or a club or a spear. Living would be in caves, or natural shelters, and defense from wild animals would be difficult. Not a tenable prospect.

    Even some of the natural animals employ technology - bees and wasps would be examples. And birds are known to extract ants from a colony by the use of a stick.
    Some ants grow fungi in their colony.
    So technology starts pretty early.
  • Answer: We are in a digital age, which means that 90% of everything that we do is a derivative of science and technology
  • Answer: They make things easier and allow people to do more in a day. EXAMPLE Phones = communication, internet = information and more communication. combine the 2 and now you have something even better.

    And at the same time, they make us lazier and less interactive. Agree with that?
  • Answer: We do need a thing called science but we do not need a thing called technology.We only have technology because out sientists invented them.That is why to never to pick on nerds.If we had no technology we would be out and about more inested of being indoors all day having to eat fat food.However if we have loads of technology we would do nothing.Just watch the film Wall-E, you have probly watched it, that films teaches you not to be on the laptop/computer/tv all day.Maybe just hang out with a friend.

  • Answer: Science and technology affects our daily life today because it helps us know things and it also helps us understand things around us. Science and technology are interreleted. Science deals with understanding while technology deals with doing. Science helps us to know how to do something more efficiently.
  • Answer: advantage are a lot. We can now make things and work much easier with those machines that we have but it can lessen man power.
    can communicate faster unlike before that we have to wait for days or months to get the message of loved ones.
  • Answer: The impact of Science and Technology on human life is huge. Everything around us is a product of scientific advancements. We can now live much longer than before and have been able to fight of many diseases that we never could.

    Science and technology is constantly improving our lives and brings forth many advancements every year.
  • Answer: look out your window, and around your house. Unless you live in a cave, you will see many examples of science, and its application in technology.
  • Answer: *It has resulted to improved standards of living in the way that it is easy to communicate by phone and computer.