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  • Answer: telephone has record climate condition and receiver speech recording

    <a href=>Website designing and development</a> comes under arts. The <a href=>web development</a> not only developing the website,
    It also providing more services like Broucher design, logo design, <a href=>Internet applications</a> like Classified sites,
    Social networking sites, <a href=>e-commerce development</a> etc.
  • Answer: Do you mean what they say, or what they accomplish?
    The U.S. has fallen, by various measurements, to 23rd, 18th, or in between in average educational levels achieved, standards of competence at all levels frm Grade School through college in Math, the Sciences, even Philosophy.
    Go figure!
  • Answer: First, just write a list of why you want to work with thiscommunity. Is it rewarding for you? Do you have a relative thatinspired you? Do you have experience? What caused you to want toapply for this job? Once you have a list, then write anintroduction, and then go through each of the things on your listin a separate paragraph, telling the story from your life of whatinspired you or how it is rewarding, or what you have done in thepast. Then write a closing saying that you are looking forward tobeing able to help people, and that you are thankful for theopportunity to apply.
  • Answer: Cellular Respiration has three stages; Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, and ETC (Electric Transport Chain). This just gives you some ATP (energy).
  • Answer: There are four stages of sleep, which takes a maximum of 8 hours. after that it releases hormones which wakes you up.
  • Answer: There are several stages of learning which start with orientation.This is followed by theory learning and finally the practical stagewhich one applies what they have learnt.
  • Answer: First its friendship, then its boy friend and girl friend, then last iis marrige. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW OLD ARE YOU
  • Answer: The three stages of collision are:
    1st stage - vehicle crash,
    2nd stage - human crash, and
    3rd stage - internal crash.
  • Answer: The planning process involves four different stages. The first stepis policy setting where business goals are outlined andcommunicated. The second step is planning and development whereplanning goals are identified as well as a plan of action. Thethird step is project selection where monetary resources areallocated to small and large projects to complete the planned goal.And the fourth step is project implementation where businessesperform the following task to fulfill their overall goal.
  • Answer: Right the 3 stages are



  • Answer: The three stages of stress are:
    First Stage: Alarm--emergency signal to brain, body getsmore energy and works work faster. Accompanied by heavy breathing,faster heart rate, sweating, high blood pressure.
    Second Stage: Resistance--Reduction in energy levels takesplace, so feel exhausted but at the same time anxious and forgetful(because of whatever is still worrying you).
    Third Stage: Exhaustion--Completely drained of all energyand just tired. No drive to work, carry on with errands, or live.This stage is a breakdown of your mental and physical system whichcan have severe consequences (raised blood pressure levels, ulcers,even heart disease).
  • Answer: domestic, international, multinational, global
  • Answer: The stages of writing are:
    1. Prewrite
    2. First draft
    3. Edited draft
    4. Revised draft
    5. Published/final draft

Different developmental stages?

  • Agrarian (or Agricultural)

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