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  • Answer: What Hammers Are Used For Hammers are used to pound nails into an object, pull nails out of objects, and for other uses when hitting or pounding is necessary.
  • Answer: The human ear has three main sections, which consist of the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Sound waves enter your outer ear and travel through your ear canal to the middle ear.
    The ear canal channels the waves to your eardrum, a thin, sensitive membrane stretched tightly over the entrance to your middle ear. The waves cause your eardrum to vibrate. It passes these vibrations on to the hammer, one of three tiny bones in your ear. The hammer vibrating causes the anvil, the small bone touching the hammer, to vibrate. T
    he anvil passes these vibrations to the stirrup, another small bone which touches the anvil.
    From the stirrup, the vibrations pass into the inner ear. The stirrup touches a liquid filled sack and the vibrations travel into the cochlea, which is shaped like a shell. Inside the cochlea, there are hundreds of special cells attached to nerve fibers, which can transmit information to the brain. The brain processes the information from the ear and lets us distinguish between different types of sounds.
  • Answer: malleus
  • Answer: Well it is used to get nails out of places in a mistake or if the person wants to. if you want more info ask ur parents or people
  • Answer: A tool usedwith whitesmithing
  • Answer: The hammer is purchased in one piece.
  • Answer:
    • Well... there are a variety of stores Walmart, Target, or Kmart. or to make it easier just try ordering it online.

    • I have never been able to find it at any of those stores. The only place I have found it is online. And trust me you are much more likely to get a better deal online vs going to the store. You can shop around a bit more that way.

  • Answer: any tool it must be maintained. In time the face of the hammer head changes shape from enumerable impacts. If you use one hammer for all of your hammering desires it will show in its shape. From tack hammers to framing hammers they all have weight, shape, and handle length characteristics pertaining to there function. A rounded and worn hammer will let a nail head slip out and bend almost every time. Make sure your head is not loose, and your face is plane.
  • Answer: The Jigsaw has great hook, one of the best balls in my opinion. Check out videos on youtube to get the real picture on good this ball actually hooks
  • Answer: One use is to drill through tile without cracking it.
  • Answer: A nail u genious
  • Answer: A planishing hammer is used for smoothing and shaping sheet metal.
  • Answer: It transmits the sound vibrations from the eardrum to the incus.

What do you do when you are getting chased by a hammer?

  • run!

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